Monday, January 16, 2017

First Dance Recital

I might have died and gone to heaven after this night...oh my goodness!! Watching Tay-Tay dance on the stage for the first time at her very first dance recital was this mama's dream come true.  (And well, I thought her Daddy's heart was going to break in two watching was the cutest thing--he had tears in his eyes on multiple occasions.)  We were tag teaming it with the camera and videoing from across the room...him working the video while I was trying to snap photos and clap/cheer her on at the same time! ;-)

She wasn't scared or nervous one, single, bit...which didn't surprise us at all.  In fact, after her first tap number...she came running off the stage and was jumping up and down in excitement asking when it was time to go back on the stage again.  She LOVED it!

The girls did their tap routine first....and it was precious!

Taylor, and her friend Emma, waiting on the side of the stage for their ballet routine to begin...
they enjoyed watching the older girls perform their dance routines. 

And then they performed their ballet routine to the song, "Frozen".  Taylor had been practicing for quite a while and she was so excited for this one. Her spins, turns and releve's were beautiful. 

Afterwards, the boys gave her some pretty flowers.  She loved them. 

Mommy and Daddy are so proud of our baby girl and the beautiful dancer she is...
she stole the show with her big beautiful smile and great dance moves! ;-)

She loves her friend, Jaime (our neighbor and Noah's good friend from school)...she also danced in the recital that night. 

Precious dance pals...

The boys had fun being there for their little sister...they were so proud of her!

What a special night and one we'll always cherish and remember as Tay-Tay's very first dance recital. 

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