Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Trick -or-Treating

Before heading out for a fun night of trick-or-treating, we quickly snapped some photos of our precious trio...

Thor, Princess Taylor and Officer Noah  ;-)

The kids had a blast tonight and needless to say--mama and daddy were worn slap out when we got home (whew!!)...we let them snack on some of their candy when we got home while watching a movie back in the playroom before hitting bath and bed.  While they did that...we had fun going through all the pics and videos on my camera.  The hubby and I were chuckling as we listened to the kids from the den --they were giggling and laughing as they talked about their fun night. 

It's times like this that make me especially thankful to be a mama---as hard and overwhelming as it feels sometimes to be a parent --it's so rewarding and worth it.  To see my little ones beam with joy tonight and have such a fun time--oh my goodness--it was awesome.  They bring us so much happiness every single day...especially during this hard season of uncertainty as I struggle with worry and heartache about my dear Dad and his health... my precious children continue to be my sunshine in the midst of this storm.  

I'll always cherish the memories we made this fun Halloween night together. 


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