Friday, September 30, 2016

Melt my heart

This past Sunday was our annual Primary Sunday school Sacrament presentation at church.  This special little presentation is where all the children have the opportunity to share all of the songs and scriptures that go along with the theme they've been learning about in their Sunday school classes for the past year about the Gospel, scriptures and Jesus Christ.  Each have individual speaking parts and participate in singing beautiful hymns and songs for the congregation.  They work for months preparing for this special day.  We were given the kids speaking parts back in August, so they have been working hard to memorize them and so by Sunday, they were all ready to go.

At the rehearsal last Sunday, I have to share a funny tidbit about Taylor.  When it was her turn to go to the microphone in the chapel and say her speaking part which is this, "If I listen with my heart, I can know the scriptures are true."   Instead…she proudly recited the pledge of allegiance in its entirety --the Primary leaders and kids thought it was pretty hilarious--and I think she did, too.  Oy!!  So--we were all pretty anxious to see what little Taylor was going to say on the morning of the actual presentation.  :-)  You never know with her…she has a mind of her own and is so independent and confident (which I'm grateful for)--but it can stress her mommy and daddy out at times, too. ;-).

I took them shopping on Saturday to buy them each a new Sunday best outfit for their special day and they were wearing them proudly Sunday morning before we left for church.

Oh how I love them…they are growing up so fast and it still humbles and amazes me that I am blessed to be their mama.  They have truly been my rays of sunshine these past several months when I needed it the most.  

These two I swear…they are never too far from one another.  Constant sidekicks.  Brother and sister….best friends for life.  And yes, that would be a tent in the background of the picture --yup--slap dab in the middle of our living room. Welcome to our life with kids!  That is their "fort" as they like to call it that they're Daddy sat up for them last…they've been having so much fun playing in it--we haven't had the heart to take it down yet.  

Okay, I digressed---so back to the Primary program.  I'm happy to report that the Sacrament program went off beautifully and the kids did amazing.  In fact, Jody and I were talking afterwards, it was one of the most spirit filled Primary programs we've seen in a long time. The musical numbers were so beautiful.  I'm so thankful for our Primary presidency and our super talented chorister for all of their hard work and preparation in helping the children get ready.  My sweet babies did a wonderful job on their speaking parts--we were so proud of them.  And….despite the concern that Taylor did not recite the pledge of allegiance when it was her turn to speak (even though some of us in the audience were secretly hoping that she would...LOL), but she did crack us up in another unexpected way…instead of saying her assigned part when it was her turn--she instead said Gavin's speaking part.  We didn't even know that she had his part memorized, too.  

Also, during each of the songs the children sang, Taylor had the congregation laughing because she was belting out the songs louder than all the other children in her own unique way--in fact, I would not be surprised if the Methodist church congregation across the street heard my daughter singing on Sunday! :-)))

And that my friends is what makes these Primary programs each year so special to watch…it's all about the children and their special God-given spirits they came to this earth with.  I love watching them share their own unique little personalities with us. And how blessed I feel to be the mother to my own special three--what an awesome and humbling blessing it is to watch them grow in the Gospel and learn to love the Lord.


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