Monday, November 2, 2015

Our Happy Halloween 2015

I hope everyone had a fun and Happy Halloween weekend.  We had a rainy and as you probably saw on the news--a flood filled weekend here in Central Texas, but thankfully it let up enough for us to take the kids trick or treating Saturday night. The munchkins were looking forward to going trick or treating all day...Daddy and I (well..not so much, we knew it would be pretty much chasing all three around a neighborhood for an hour and we'd be completely worn out afterwards!). 

But when 5:00 rolled around--we had to park our sour attitudes for the sake of the kids and start getting them ready.  

As expected--right from the start, there was drama involved trying to get all three of them ready. Someone is always fighting or pouting...that's a given around here.  Noah and Gavin began fighting over their trick or treat buckets--even though they are exactly the same...oy!!

Then...Taylor had a complete last minute costume fail--she was running and ripped a big ole hole in her fairy costume when she fell down 5-minutes before we were supposed to walk out the door.  So we had to just put her in one of her play dress up gowns she had in her closet.  Then...Gavin was being super duper cranky when we tried to take pics of him in his costume--he was not happy at all about having to wear it and kept picking at his butt.

Noah at the last minute wanted me to apply his white vampire make-up, but completely moaned, griped and complained the entire time while I tried to apply it...oy!!  They were sure testing their mama and daddy this Halloween night, that's for sure! 

But other than that after we put out all the fires and got them all ready...the rest of our night went pretty smoothly.  And my blood pressure finally settled down a bit.  :-)

The munchkins had a blast trick or treating with their friends.  The neighborhood where we went is so awesome---they really put out for all the trick or treaters.  They dress up and meet the kids at the door with the treats all excited to greet them.  We ran into several of our friends and other families from church while we were out and about --so it was nice to see them.

Yes, even though the hubby and I started out our day with sour attitudes about having to do the whole trick or treating ended up being great fun watching the kids beam with excitement as they squealed and smiled darting from door to door going trick or treating.  Without question, yet another memorable and fun Halloween in the books for the Mask thankful that we are able to spend it with our three precious munchkins--they bring so much laughter, love, joy (and yes drama, too, but that's okay) into our lives.  I wouldn't trade any of these moments for anything.

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