Friday, October 23, 2015


The hubby spent the past 3-weeks working in Nevada in trial on one of his big cases. For his last day in trial last week, I was able to fly to Vegas and spend the day in court watching him do his thing. My parents watched the kids for us so I could make this trip.

I always love getting to see my husband in the courtroom…he's such an amazing trial lawyer.  The Lord has definitely blessed him with some very special gifts and talents--all of which he uses every day to help bless the lives of others.  On the final day of court, I was able to hear him give his closing arguments to the jury.  He did an unbelievable job--especially since this is a case that he was brought in on just a few months ago and it had some tough fact patterns.  For this particular case, they were in Federal court …so it was very different experience than what he and his legal team are used to.  The whole trial process is very different in Nevada than it is here in Texas, particularly in how they pick juries and how the verdicts are determined--so it was interesting to hear the hubby explain what all they had been through the past several weeks while in trial there.  Sadly…the jury found for the defense on this one--but all the attorneys on the opposing side came up to him afterwards and told him that he tried a "hell of a case" and he had them really scared.

The hubby and his dear friend and colleague who worked on the case with him.   
They love to razz each other... He's a Longhorn and of course, as you all know,
 the hubby is an Aggie---
long time rival football teams here in Texas.  

The hubby with the guys just outside the Federal courthouse in downtown Vegas.

After a long day in court and getting the final verdict…we were both worn out and ready to head over to our hotel to relax.   It was going to be a quick weekend…we were just there for 2-nights--but that was just enough time to enjoy our 48-hours of being "kid-free"!! 

We LOVED our room at our hotel and it's great view…we stayed at the Palazzo.

The rooms are beautiful...

On Saturday morning, we walked around and did some sightseeing and shopping after breakfast.

After some sightseeing, we headed back to our hotel to watch the Texas A&M football game…the Aggies lost--which was kind of depressing.  The hubby was more upset about it than me... I was so tired from traveling the day before, I slept through most of the game.  After that we headed out for a couples massage at the Canyon Ranch Spa Club--oh my, it was amazing and just what we both needed. And then later that evening, we headed out for dinner.

And before we knew it…Sunday rolled around and our weekend was over.  We headed to the airport that morning to catch our flight to Dallas where we met KiKi and Poppy just outside the airport to get the munchkins.  It was good to be reunited with them after being away for the weekend and they were so excited to see mommy and daddy.  We gave KiKi and Poppy big hugs and then said our good-byes and started the 4-hour drive back home.  KiKi and Poppy are so sweet and the best parents and grandparents ever…what a blessing they are to me and I'm so thankful for all that they do for our family.  It was really nice to be able to make this quick weekend trip and spend the weekend in Vegas with the hubby.

All in all it we had a great time…the only bad part was we both got sick our last night there-- food poisoning--so that wasn't fun AT ALL.  Beware of the Grand Lux Cafe in Vegas--we've talked to other people since we got home who got sick eating there, too.  Yikes!  But other than that--we so enjoyed our much needed relaxing weekend together and I loved "people watching" all the unique folks in Vegas.  We're also really grateful to Uncle Brent and Aunt Sheri for helping take care of our little munchkins while we were away.  The kids had a blast hanging out with their cousins, grandparents, aunt and uncle for the weekend. 

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