Monday, October 5, 2015

Hill Country Science Mill

On Saturday, I decided to brave a new local science museum by myself with the munchkins. When I loaded everyone up in the car and told them where we were going...they all squealed with excitement.  They totally love stuff like this. :-)

The Hill Country Science Mill is located in Johnson City.  It opened earlier this year and I've heard great things about it from other parents.  It's close to us--so it's exciting that we have something like this nearby for the kids.  While it's not a large science museum--the layout feels spacious and has a really great vibe.  They have all sorts of cool science stations for the kids to explore and interesting exhibits to look at and discuss.  

With the admission fee, each of the kids received their own Avatar Passport.  They each used it to check in at one of the kiosks where they created an account and customized their own Avatar.  Once they finished this, their Avator was their own personal tour guide at the Science Mill.  It was really cool.

At each exhibit, they scanned their personal Avatar Passport to learn more about the exhibit and could mark it as their favorite if they wanted to.

They have a great little museum store with ALL SORTS of cool science kits and gadgets.  My munchkins were all googly eye'd when they saw the store when we walked in.  They were ready to shop --so I had to do some "mama negotiating" to quickly herd all three out of the store area and on into the museum.  I promised them that at the end of our tour we'd come back and they could each pick something out. 

Noah enjoyed leading the way through the museum...

Gavin loved this station...

Taylor had fun exploring all by herself and playing with the gadgets at the science stations...she is such an independent little mama. 

The both LOVED this station...

Gavin especially loved this station and looking at all the different insects through a magnifying glass and microscope.

They have a really cool MakerBot 3D printer that was making something while we were there...the kids had fun watching it work and playing with the other things it had made. 

The munchkins posing at the end of our museum tour with their goodies they picked out at the store. They crack me up!!

We really had a fun time hanging out together and learning more about science. We all agreed that that we can't wait to go back again and take Daddy so he can see how cool it is. So happy to know that we have this incredible little museum just down the road from us.  Look forward to going again as a family!  And as a former elementary teacher and school administrator--let me just say-- if you are a classroom teacher and looking for a great place to take your students to explore science in a fun and interactive way...the Hill Country Science Mill is a great place to take them!


  1. Love these pics of our precious grands! Great place for them to visit!

    1. Thanks, Mom!! We'll have to take you and Dad next time you are here. :-)


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