Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Grandparent's visit

I'm soooo behind on my blogging--so please excuse me as I take time these next few posts and try and do some catching up.  :-)

Last month, KiKi and Poppy came for a visit and were able to attend the grandparent's luncheon at Noah's school.  He was so happy that they could be here!! It's always so much fun when grandparent's come for a visit.  

Noah's sweet 3rd grade teacher … we love her.

Taylor was quite the little entertainer at the luncheon. 

On Saturday morning, I took my Dad to breakfast at my favorite place in downtown Fredericksburg…the Old German Bakery & Restaurant.  It's so yummy!  We had such a nice visit and I was so thankful I had some time with him one on one.  We rarely get that these days since we live 6 hours away from each other.  He recently sold his dental practice and is in semi-retirement now, so we had a long discussion about the big changes in his (and mom's) life.  I'm glad that he's transitioning into retirement now...he's worked so hard---for so long.  It's time for him to enjoy life without the stress of his practice and be able to spend more time with his family. 

After breakfast, Dad watched the kids while mom and I headed into downtown to do some shopping. 

Jody and Noah left early that morning to go to the A&M football game in College Station…so it was just Gavin and Taylor hanging out with Poppy at the house. 

KiKi and I had such a fun time walking around and shopping together….I always love our visits.  I wish she and Dad lived closer so we could do this more often.

A few pics from the shops we visited in downtown Fredericksburg...

After hanging out downtown…we picked up some burgers for dinner and headed back to the house to relieve Poppy from his babysitting duties.  We had such a wonderful time having KiKi and Poppy visit for the weekend and look forward to when they can come back again.  

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