Saturday, August 22, 2015

Carnival fun

After the county fair parade, we took the kids to the carnival and they had a blast running around together and riding the rides.  Well, I should probably clarify that…the boys had fun riding the rides--Tay-Tay, well…not so much.  :-)

Taylor and Gavin on their first ride of the night….

And it was Tay-Tay's last ride of the night…she didn't like it AT ALL.  
The carnival guy had to stop the ride early so I could scoop her out of there
and calm her down. 

Bless her heart…maybe next year she'll like it better.

The boys had fun riding rides together...

She got a little frustrated when we tried to get her to ride another ride, so Daddy took her to play some games and try to win her a stuffed animal.

Gavin was having fun helping mama snap photos...

Noah decided to step it up and try some of the scarier rides…I could barely stand to watch him…it made me feel nauseous.

Despite the fact that Noah got sick after riding one of the big, "scary" rides...
we had a fun time at the carnival. :-)

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