Tuesday, August 18, 2015

At the ranch

Before we bought our home here in the Hill Country, we had originally planned on building and so for transition purposes and a place to live while we built on our land, we purchased a 15-acre ranch that had an existing modular home on it.  We had designs of living at the ranch while we built on our land in a neighboring town.  We also thought it would be just be a great getaway place for our little family to go to and enjoy some quality family time and escape this crazy, hectic thing we call "life".

Our little Hill Country ranch has definitely served its purpose on so many levels for our little family. As many of you know if you've been following my blog-- instead of building,--we ended up buying an existing home (which we LOVE by the has all the farmhouse elements that we had designs of building).  And so, we ended up not having to live in the little house on our ranch after all--but we sure enjoy going over and staying when we can on the weekends and having some fun time as a family out in the country.  Our extended family also likes to come and stay at the well as our friends when they come in town and visit us.

We love this's beautiful and truly peaceful.  I don't know how long we'll keep it now that we have our new home and we're settled in it…but for now, we're enjoying the ranch as much as we can.  The kids enjoying running and chasing each other on the land.  Taylor especially loves to chase the donkeys. :-)   The hubby and I especially enjoy sitting on the front porch and taking in the beautiful Hill Country views.

This past weekend, we headed to the ranch for some much needed R&R--we were in need of some quality family time together and it's a great place for us to recharge our batteries.  The hubby has been traveling extensively these past several weeks and working insane hours---so he really needed this visit to the ranch.

When we told the kids we were going, they were super excited to see Esther and Lucas (the donkeys)...and Amarillo and Longshot (the bulls).  We brought along carrots so they could feed them.

We had such a fun time together hanging out and relaxing at the ranch.  The kids loved having movie night with mom and dad and watching Big Hero 6 (one of our favorite shows)--and ate lots of popcorn.  Maximus had so much fun tagging along, too.

Good times and special memories were made this weekend.  

I couldn't help but think as I sat with all my children cuddled around me on the couch watching the movie, how thankful I am for this beautiful family I've been blessed with.  I never in my wildest dreams would have guessed when we started our adoption journey over 12 years ago that I'd be sitting here today and enjoying the blessings of motherhood with an 8, 3 and 2-year old.  

I'm truly thankful for the tremendous blessings God has sent our way in His own special timing to help us grow our family through adoption.  I'm even more humbled that the Lord never gave up on me during this journey--especially when I had such a doubting and bitter heart while I was in the midst of facing my infertility, trying to accept the failed adoptions we experienced and the court battle to keep little Gavin.

I can testify with all my heart from these experiences that a loving God never leaves us or nor will He ever give us more than we can handle in this mortal life.  He loves us unconditionally and wants us to be happy and experience joy here on earth as families.  

As hard as parenting and motherhood can be, I know I can never take a day with my husband and children for granted because they are blessings from above-- the Lord brought us all together in his own special way and I have such gratitude in my heart for these amazing people I am blessed to call my family.


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