Sunday, July 19, 2015

Summer randomness

This is one of those random blog posts--filled with all sorts of stuff from our summer…

Let's see--where do I begin….

I'm happy to report that we are surviving the lovely (and oh-so-stressful) puppy stage around here. Oh my heck-I thought I was prepared for how hard it would be to add a puppy to the mix--but with a 2, 3 and 8-year old all vying for time with Maximus and wanting him to come in the house every 5-minutes --where he usually proceeds to pee on my nice area rugs--oy vey!!.  

I'm not gonna lie--mama's definitely been feeling a bit overwhelmed and worn slap out these past few weeks since our little fella's arrival.  It feels like I have a newborn baby to care for all over again!!  

But oh my's worth it--especially getting to watch the kids laugh and giggle while playing with him. His sweet little face melts my heart so...this is the precious face that greets me every single morning as he patiently awaits his morning treat from mama.

Max and I enjoy sitting on the back porch in the evenings after I've put the kids down to bed and he likes to jump in my lap and cuddle.  He loves to have his tummy rubbed. He makes this grunting pig-like sound that cracks me up. I especially love when he plops down and passes out asleep on my feet.

I'm just praying that he doesn't completely chew up the entire back porch in the meantime while we plow through this puppy stage. 

Taylor's newest thing is she likes for Noah to lock her in Max's pen and then she barks and pants like a puppy.  It's pretty hilarious to watch and it always confuses little Max.

Noah has been having so much fun catching toads this summer...they seem to be everywhere.  He also loves to freak his mama out by chasing me around the house with them.  

She loves to play secretary and take messages...such a little mama. 

We've enjoyed having lunch on the back porch together this summer...I love listening to their conversations and all the giggles and belly laughing that inevitably erupt when Noah starts telling one if his funny (and very animated) stories.

I had Lyndsey, our sweet babysitter (who btw Noah has a huge crush on) come over and watch the kids the other night while the hubby and I had a date night.  We headed over to our neighboring town of Comfort for some authentic Texas Hill Country fine dining.  This was our first time to visit 814 A Texas Bistro and oh wow--the food was soooo amazing. We were really impressed and so enjoyed the laid back, cozy atmosphere.  I highly recommend it if you are ever visiting the Texas Hill Country.  

We also have enjoyed taking the kids over to our 14 acre ranch in Comfort on a more regular basis this summer to see our Longhorns and feed our sweet miniature donkeys.  They so love these visits. 

This little stinker has discovered how to push the chair up to the kitchen pantry cabinets when mama isn't looking and climb up and grab a snack...when she hears me coming--she takes off sprinting to the playroom.  

Noah enjoying some antiquing with mama and daddy...we're training him early how to enjoy this fun past time of ours.

We grabbed a bite to eat at DQ recently and afterwards these two enjoyed sharing a shake together...
pure cuteness !!

I've so enjoyed my evening walks with Maximus here lately...he's still trying to get used to walking on a leash.  He hates it pretty much--but we're working through that with some treats and encouragement.  

The hubby and I went rug shopping the other night on our date night and scored this beauty that was on looks so pretty in our master bedroom.

Taylor is officially addicted to coloring...she loves to pull out all her crayons and coloring books first thing in the morning while she's waiting for me to fix breakfast.  Gavin isn't into it as much as she is...but he'll every once in a while join in on the fun.

These two have enjoyed going to the Lady Bird Johnson park this summer and playing with other kiddos their age...we usually do this a couple times a week while we wait for Noah to get finished with his Fit Kids camp that is being held out there this summer.  

Tay-Tay and I watching our gazillionth episode of Max and Ruby (her all time favorite show to watch)...I have to admit--it's kind of addicting.  I'm also staring at that wall in this photo, too--it bugs me.  I'm still trying to figure out what to do with this space in our master bedroom--we need some wall decoration on either side of the t.v. , but haven't found anything that strikes our fancy to put up there.  I'm hoping I can find something at the next Fredericksburg Market Days in August or I"m debating just covering it with random family photos that are in antique and/or wooden frames.

I walked into the hubby's office the other day and found sweet Lola resting on his desk with him while he was working from home that day.  She's such a sweetie-pie and loves to hang out wherever we all are.

And well my friends...that's the end to my random summer post.  I'll probably have a few more before the summer of 2015 comes to an end.  It's hard to believe how fast this summer has flown by. It kinda makes me sad, but then on the other doesn't because I'm so looking forward to fall and cooler temperatures.


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