Friday, July 10, 2015


Well.... so this exciting thing happened last week for Noah... he got a PUPPY!!!!!  :-)  :-)   :-)

Every year, at the very top of Noah's Christmas wishlist for Santa Claus has been a puppy.
 Of course, life was just WAAAAYYYY too crazy for us the past couple of years with baby Taylor and Gavin coming into our family all at once and then trying to finalize Gavin's adoption and all the stress that came with that...whew---the thought of adding a puppy during all of that literally made us feel weak in the knees.

But now that life has finally settled down for our family and since we are all settled in our new home -AND- because Noah has been so very patient waiting for his puppy --Santa Claus (wink...wink) felt like an early Christmas/Birthday present was in store for him. Because you see...Santa Claus (wink--wink) just so happens to know this wonderful lab breeder in the Houston area who just so happened to have the perfect and most precious male puppy all ready to go home with Noah.  

When Noah came home from his camp last week, there was a letter from the North Pole waiting for him on the kitchen bar.  He could hardly believe his eyes after he read Santa's sweet note explaining that he had a special puppy waiting for him to pick up the next day.  He was beaming from ear to ear after he realized what was happening and when he heard what his name was, "Maximus"--the exact name he had wanted to name his was the most precious thing ever to see his reaction.  :-)

And so our puppy adventure began last Wednesday. I loaded the kids up in the van and we hit the road to make the 3-hour drive to pick up little Maximus. 

And yes, I'd be lying if I didn't admit I was a ball of stress---I said a few prayers along the way to please help me accomplish this mission (and not go completely bonkers) while making a 6-hour round trip to bring home our new puppy all the while traveling with 3 small children in the car without the hubby!!   Thank goodness for DVD players in cars and I had a bazillion snacks packed and ready to go to keep everyone happy.  

When we arrived at the breeders, I almost died when she brought out Maximus...he is so stink'in cute and I couldn't believe what a hoss he is--at only 8- weeks old--he's heavy.  The breeder said he's definitely going to be a big dude.  

We got to meet his Daddy, "Rip It", while we were there--such a sweetheart.  He's a big dude, too--it gave us an idea of what little Maximus will look like when he's full grown.

After visiting with the breeder about a few last minute things, we loaded up in the van and hit the road to head back home.  Noah was so excited to let him sit in his lap for the first part of the drive.  

We stopped at Sonic and grabbed a bite to eat and I got in a few snuggles before we put him in his kennel for the remainder of the drive...he wasn't too happy about that--and after some yelping and barking, he finally passed out and slept for the rest of the drive home.

Lola was not too sure about this big fur ball baby being on her back porch when we first brought him home.  They just kept having these stare offs through the window the first few days.  But she seems to finally be getting used to having him around now.

So far he's seems to be settling into his new home and life with us just great....we're working on potty training right now.  He's doing a pretty good job so far.

And he's enjoying taking LOTS of naps, which naturally I just find to be so stink'in precious...

We love our little Maximus so much and are so excited to welcome him into our family. Looking forward to making lots of memories with this little fella.  And now if mama can just survive the puppy stage!! ;-)

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