Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Family celebration for the 4th of July

We are were so excited to host our annual summer family get-together at our new house recently for the Fourth of July weekend.  My parents-- along with my two brothers, Brian and Brent, and their families drove down to spend the weekend with us.  And what a fun time we had.
The only bummer was that my youngest brother, Jeff and his family couldn't make it for the weekend...they are living out of state and it was just way too far to make the trip.  :-(  We're hoping that they'll get to make it next year.

The first day of our fun family weekend, Jody started if off by cooking his brisket.  He lit the BBQ pit bright and early that Friday morning to begin the all day smoking process.  Noah and my nephew, Beck, had fun helping him get the fire going. 

After the fire was finally going strong, he started his special seasoning process for all the meat... 

While the brisket was cooking, the kids had fun playing in the backyard until the rest of their cousins arrived.  Maximus had a blast getting to hang out with everyone.  

My niece, Ava...we nicknamed her the "puppy whisperer" after she was able to get this chunky fella to fall asleep in a matter of seconds.  He was in heaven!

He also loved playing and throwing sand around in the sandbox.  :-)

While my brothers and sisters-in-law knocked around downtown Fredericksburg, my mom and I
watched the kids and made them some lunch.  They enjoyed eating on the back porch, coloring and visiting with each other until it was time to go swimming.

After lunch…all the cousins had a blast swimming at the hotel pool where my brother and his
family were staying.  My sister-in-law, Sheri, took all of these precious pics of the kids swimming.

I love them so much!!

 I don't know who enjoyed the swimming more…Uncle Brent or the kids!! ;-)

They had so much fun getting to swim with their cousins all afternoon.

After cooking all day, the brisket was finally ready around 6:00 that night.  Everyone came back over to our house for dinner and we chowed down.  Jody really did an awesome job on this one--it was so stink'in good!!   Literally restaurant quality...

After dinner, we had a belated birthday celebration for KiKi…the kids had fun helping her blow out her imaginary) candles.  Yes…I totally dropped the ball on that one---I forgot to buy candles earlier that day--so we just used our imagination.  Oy!!  

The cake turned out so beautiful and was really yummy…a special shout out and thank you to Sophie's Bakery here in Fredericksburg for making my mama's wonderful cake.  Everyone loved it.

Brian and I doing silly selfies after dinner…

He nailed the "pageant" smile for me!

Ava and Lola spent the night with us…they all passed out about 10 minutes into their movie while laying in kid's playroom.  They were worn slap out from their fun day of swimming and playing.  

We were looking forward to resuming the festivities that next morning by going to the 4th of July parade downtown.  I look forward to sharing more pics from our fun family weekend in my next post.  

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