Friday, June 26, 2015

Tybee Island 2015: Day 1

Last Monday we flew into Charleston, South Carolina and then drove over to Savannah and Tybee Island for our week long family vacation.  We were all soooo excited to go to the beach and have some good 'ole family fun!!

We drove into Tybee Island late Monday night and checked into the beach house that we had rented for the week.  It was such an awesome house--I was so happy when we walked in to see how nice it was because I handled all our reservations and I was a little nervous that our place may not be all that it appeared to be online. I used Tybee Beach Vacation Rentals to find our rental and they were very helpful in assisting me in booking our place and answering questions I had about the Island. We were certainly pleased with our stay at our rental --it was a perfect fit for our family of five.  I'll post pics of the beach house in a later post.

On Tuesday morning, we woke up bright and early and took a few photos of the kids in front of the Tybee Island welcome sign--then we headed over to The Breakfast Club to grab a bite to eat.

The food was really yummy...our favorite by far were their waffles.  Oh my---so stink'in good!! 

The first night we were there, Noah couldn't wait to go into a few of the tourist shops--he found some little gadgets to play with along with a cool pirate.  :-)

After breakfast, we headed back to the house to throw on our swimsuits and we loaded back in the car and headed over to the beach.   

Gavin didn't like swimming in the ocean very much--so he and I stayed by the beach chairs and had fun playing in the sand.

Noah made some friends and had fun playing with them.... 

 Taylor LOVED swimming in the ocean with Noah--
so Daddy was a trooper and stayed with her the entire time while she kept jumping
 into the waves over and over.  

She was a WILD WOMAN...she has zero fear of the water which 
can be a bit nerve wracking for mommy and daddy as we try to keep an eye on her. 

 Gavin was tried to get his sissy to play in the sand with him and make sand castles,
 but she wasn't having any of that.  She didn't like the feel of the sand on her hands or feet. 
So she was A-OKAY with just letting him do all the work.

Afterward our fun day at the beach,  we were all tired, sunburned and starving, so we got showered up and drove over to Five Guys for dinner. 

 Taylor was so tired, she passed out in my arms while we were waiting for our burgers. Since she's getting bigger, I rarely get moments like this, so I savored every minute of her laying on me and sleeping. 

 Noah being a "ham" as usual for the camera....

 Daddy getting some cuddle time in...

After we finished eating, we took the kids back to Tybee Island to let them pick out designs for their airbrush beach shirts.  This is a Bishop family tradition that my parents did with me and my brothers every summer when we'd go to Destin, FL for our family vacations.  I couldn't pass up the chance since we were at the beach to carry on this fun family tradition.

The kids had so much fun picking out their designs.

We made one last stop that evening and took photos with the Island shark.  I mean a beach vacation isn't complete unless you take your token photo with a shark, right?

The kids were completely spent and worn out after this, so we headed back to the beach house and all hit the hay for a much needed good night's rest.

More fun vacation posts from our Tybee Island vacation to come... :-)

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