Thursday, June 11, 2015

These two

These two can drive their mommy batty...
but on most days---they literally melt my heart with their cuteness.

They're thick as thieves and enjoy spending every waking moment together.
Always anxiously concerned about each other's well being.
They finish each other's sentences and belly laugh at each other's silly
gestures and shenanigans.  And boy do they sure love and idolize their big brother, Noah.

I'm so thankful they get to share this journey here on earth together
as brother and sister.  I have felt it confirmed in my heart on more than one occasion
 that God had plans for them to be brother and sister all along in this life and it was by
and through the sacred gift of adoption that it was all made possible.
I tell them this all the time and will continue to do so to hopefully instill in them
the sacred bond they share as siblings.

A special bond, no doubt, is being forged each day between these two in their tender young years that I hope and pray they'll always safeguard and cherish in the good and bad times
and at every turn of their lives.

For a brother and sister bond is eternal and lives outside the boundries of time. 

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