Monday, June 8, 2015

Out and about

I so love our weekends.  It's our time to reconnect as a family and recharge our batteries.  Especially when Daddy has been out of town for work during the week--I'm always so thankful when we're all back together again.  It does my heart good to spend some quality time together.

The other weekend, we had fun hanging out in our little town and being out and about together in downtown Fredericksburg.  

One of our favorite places is Clear River ice cream and bakery shop. Oh my goodness--they have the best homemade ice cream and pralines I think I've ever tasted.   I also just love the atmosphere there--you feel as if you've stepped back in time.  A more simpler time when life was less complicated and more wholesome.  The kids love to sit in the upstairs area and hang out while eating their ice cream.   There usually aren't that many people upstairs, so the kids like to cut up and giggle with each other while enjoying their ice cream.  Gavin loves ice cream, so he is usually the first one to finish his.  Taylor is not a fan of ice cream, so she'll usually help me eat a praline while the boys eat their ice cream.  

The kids had fun riding the horsey after they finished their ice cream...

We did a little window shopping and peeked in on a few of the shops…
while we were looking around, the kids found a cool recliner that had lots of bells
and whistles to play with.  I'm the sure the store owner was sooooo ready for us
to leave the building! ;-)

We bought this new (really cool) table that fits our farmhouse themed kitchen perfectly--
so excited--it looks so awesome in our kitchen.

Later that night, the hubby and I had a date night…
we ate at Navajo Grill for the first time and wow-
it was sooooo yummy.  Highly recommend this restaurant if you are
ever visiting Fredericksburg and are wanting a casual fine dining experience.

There really wasn't anything playing at the movie theatre we were interested in seeing, 
so we decided to head back into downtown and popped back in at Clear River to 
share a scoop of their Mexican Vanilla ice cream with a praline.  

And I had fun watching Grease… 

...we had a wonderful time.

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