Friday, June 5, 2015

Family fun on Daddy's boat

We took the kids over to Lake LBJ for a fun night of riding on Daddy's bass boat. 
This was Taylor and Gavin's first boat ride (actually/technically it was Taylor's second time to 
ride on a boat---she rode a sailboat with us when she was a baby when we were on our trip in Maine
 two summers ago--you can read about that here) --they loved riding in Daddy's boat. 
The kids especially liked it when Daddy would gun it and drive fast. 
 Me...not so much.  Oy!!  The fast driving made this mama bear nervous and so after a while, 
I gave him "the look" to slow down.  And, he did.  ;-)  

It was really sweet, at one point while we were riding around and
 the wind was blowing Tay-Tay's hair, she turned and looked at her Daddy from my lap
 and yelled out that she loved him.  She sure knows how to melt her Daddy's heart!

Tay-Tay was not too sure about having to wear  her life jacket...
when I tried to take some photos, she was completely cracking me up with her facial expressions. 

And then Gavin joined in and they were belly laughing so hard at each other while looking into the camera.  

We found a quiet little cove and let the kids throw their fishing rods with Daddy for a bit.
They really enjoyed this...Noah is a really great little fisherman.  He loves it.
Gavin and Taylor had fun trying to figure it out.  

Some good Daddy-son bonding going on here.  :-)  Gavin had lots of questions about the fish and the bait.

Little Miss Tay-Tay was all ready to crank and drive the boat.  

After fishing, we had a little picnic dinner on the boat and watched the sun set before 
heading back to shore.  We had a great time hanging out at the lake together.
It was yet another reminder and confirmation for both Jody and me that we made the 
right decision to move our family to the Hill Country.  We are so happy to be 
living here and look forward to spending lots more time at the lake this summer as a family.

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