Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The good life

Since our move to the country, the kids have enjoyed being outdoors more than ever! It's been so nice for them (and me) to not feel so cooped up. They have more freedom to roam and play and to just be kids. We've noticed that Noah isn't as addicted to the iPad as he was when we lived in the city and he's watching way less t.v. Instead, he prefers to be outside hunting for lizards and playing with his new friends in the neighborhood every free minute he has after school. And Gavin and Taylor,as soon as their little feet hit the ground in the mornings, they bolt to the mudroom to throw on their shoes and head out the door to play. :-)

We definitely feel like we're living "the good life" by raising our kiddos in the country--where they are learning to appreciate the outdoors more and all the wonders and beauty that nature has to offer.

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