Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sunday afternoon drive

On Sunday afternoons, we like to drive over to our little Hill Country ranch and check on our donkeys, Luke and Esther. We usually bring along carrots or apples to feed them. Noah always looks forward to this and loves getting to feed and pet them. Taylor and Gavin are still not real sure about they usually watch from a distance while Noah feeds them. :-)

I'm so thankful for the sweet connection our little guy has with animals...he is really good with them and so gentle.  Being around our donkeys always seems to calm his body, mind and spirit .  It's pretty special to watch him so lovingly care for them.  Such a good exercise and activity for a child who struggles with severe ADHD.

This is usually the point where he starts belly laughing when they crack/break the carrots in his hands and begin crunching on them...

Taylor wasn't really interested in feeding them ....she preferred to stay in the van, watch her movie and.... eat carrots.  :-)

Gavin passed out on the drive over. He gets really fussy if you disrupt his afternoon nap... so we let the little fella just keep snoozing. :-)

Longshot, one of our longhorns ...and yes, he's one intimidating dude.

Longshot, one of our longhorns ...and yes, he's one intimidating dude.

Thisis Amarillo....he's my favorite.  So beautiful.

This is Amarillo....he's my favorite.  So beautiful.

We so enjoyed this gorgeous day here in the Texas Hill Country. Beautiful, sunny days like this definitely remind me of why they call this part of the Lone Star State, "God's Country". It is truly beautiful.

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