Monday, March 30, 2015

Settling in

It's been a super busy, tiring, stressful, exciting and a whirlwind past 2-weeks for our little family. We moved into our new home in the Hill Country on March 17th and since then, we've been working everyday unboxing all our stuff and setting up our new home.  The hubby and I have had what feels like endless late....LATE nights working to set up all the rooms and closets...hanging pictures, organizing the kitchen and setting up his office. Whew-whee...I am definitely feeling my age with this move.  When we crawl into bed at night--my entire body is just one big ache!  Moving is just plain hard --but even more so with small children.  
I'm so grateful to my sister-in-law, Amy and her kids...they drove down from Austin and spent 2 days with us when the movers arrived and helped us get things unpacked and set up.  My niece and nephews watched the kids while we all worked in the house.  Amy is a master at organization.  She helped me get the kitchen all squared away and organized and then helped my hubby get his office organized.   She even brought food and cooked for us while she was here--what angel she is!!  I don't know what we would have done without her help.  
Jody's parents also came for a visit our first weekend here and were so helpful.  They helped us hang mirrors, put together Noah's new bed and my father-in-law helped Jody make a few minor repairs that were needed.  We are so grateful for their help and enjoyed having them visit us for the first time in our new place.
Now that we are close to having everything set feels so stink'in awesome. I still have to pinch myself because it still doesn't feel real.  We have been dreaming of moving back to the Hill Country for a couple of years now.  I LOVE our new home--it's everything we wanted in a Hill Country home.  It even has all the farmhouse elements that I had hoped for.  I look forward to sharing pics with you soon.  We still have more to unpack and some decorating to do--but it feels good to be almost finished.
We also love our country neighborhood.  It's really quiet, peaceful and beautiful with all the oaks and flowers blooming. There are deer everywhere --the kids get so excited when we see them..  I LOVE going into town each day and driving by all the bluebonnets and pretty vineyards that line the highway.  Such a dreamy place.  And, we have already fallen in love with our new church family here. Such sweet people.  We feel so blessed to be living in such a beautiful area and to be surrounded by so many wonderful things to do as a family. 
Noah started his new school and it has been a pretty smooth transition for him.  We were so worried he might take it hard having to move to a new school, but he has been such a trooper about it.   It's a public school (so he can get all the special services and accommodations he's been needing for his dyslexia and ADHD) however, it has the feel of a private school which is what he's used to. There are only around 100 students on the class per grade level.  We were fortunate to get him enrolled in this school this late in the year...they had only one spot left in their 2nd grade class.  I am so thankful it all worked out for him to be able to attend such a wonderful school and so far, he really loves his new teacher, the principal is awesome and he's making new friends daily--a few of which live in our neighborhood which is great. 
Let's see, what else....since the big move, the kids have spent everyday outdoors playing and running around together.  The have fallen in love with living out in the country and being able to roam and play more freely.  As part of our offer on the home when we purchased it, the playscape conveyed with the home, so the kids have had a blast playing on it since we moved in.  There's also a sandbox for them to play in as well--which they love.   
We have been having fun as a family working on some outdoor projects together like raking the bazillion leaves in our backyard and flower beds.  Noah and Jody have been having fun burning them at night.  
I am so thankful for our new home--and for the memories we're already making here.  

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