Friday, March 13, 2015

Moving and change

I thought I'd sit down today and do a quick update here on my 'ole blog about all that we've been up to.  We've had a lot going on this past week as we've been preparing for our upcoming move.  I'm  so excited to finally be moving back to the Hill Country.  Jody and I lived there when we first married and we so loved it.  Our decision to move has been a long time coming and was a difficult one to make.  We've lived here in the Rio Grande Valley for over 5 years and have been praying and pondering this move for some time now. We want our kiddos to be able to grow up living out in the country (like both my hubby and I did)--which our new place gives us that opportunity.  It also puts us closer to the kid's grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins which is a huge plus. 
As exciting as it is to be moving to our new home...the downside is the actual moving part….ugh--the late nights of sorting through closets and cabinets--throwing away all the junk we've collected over the years that we don't need anymore and boxing everything up.  It's especially hard with three small children running around the house.  Oy!!  I've been a ball of nerves all week trying to get the house packed up and ready to go amidst all the chaos of family life!  :-) 
All in all...we're surviving the packing and have been able to get so much done this week. I am actually feeling more prepared for this move than any of our other moves in the past.  We still have much to do...but we can at least see the light at the end of the tunnel now. 
Since it was our last week here in this house that we've been leasing the past year since we sold our home down here, we decided to invite the missionaries over for dinner one last time.  Noah LOVES when they come over and hang out with us. We enjoyed eating some Rudy's BBQ for dinner (since most of my kitchen is packed up and there's not much cooking going on right now) and then the kids had a blast playing in the backyard after dinner.
unnamed (6).jpg
The boys had fun searching for bugs and spiders...
And Taylor, well, this chicka just loves to roam around the backyard and hang out...I swear she would live outdoors if we'd let her.  :-)
After playing outside, they shared with us a great lesson on handling adversity in our lives and having greater faith.  They did a cool magic trick with Noah and he thought it was so cool!!  We were so happy they were able to come over and see us before our move.  Such sweet elders and they always bring such a sweet spirit into our home.
While the hubby and I have been busy packing, the kids have had fun spending LOTS of extra time in the backyard playing in the evenings.  They especially love searching, digging and collecting rocks. 
Thank goodness we've had such nice weather this's helped so much for the kids to be able to run around outside more and not feel stir crazy being stuck in the house.  
And with that...I guess I'll sign off for now and get back to all the packing.  I look forward to sharing pics of our new house with you soon.  Until then…be blessed and have a great weekend.   

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