Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A family photo...

So mom called the other day and said..."Jennifer...I REALLY need your family's photo.  I'm wanting to hang them in the hallway.  I have all the boys with their families...I'm just waiting on yours."
And I moaned and grumbled, "Ooookay, Mom...I will...I will...and she said, "You've been saying that forever."  
And I responded..."I want to lose some weight before family hair looks awful right now."  ...yada...yada...basically the same drama she's been hearing from me practically my entire life about my imperfections!! :-)  
I then explained, " Mom, seriously---I'd rather wait and get a professional photographer so it looks nice if you're going to hang them in the house...but I don't know when I'm going to have time to do that. We're so busy right now."
And she said, "Now Jennifer Diane...(I swear---I'm 42 years old, but to this day when I hear my mama say my first and middle name in that "motherly tone" which equates to being in trouble...I still get all nervous like I did as a kid!!)...Jennifer Diane....I NEED that picture.  It doesn't have to be perfect.  You guys always take the cutest pictures.  Just snap a quick picture before church with everyone all dressed up."  
I grumbled and griped a bit more and she said, "Now I'm serious....this is the least you can do for your mother.  I'm asking nicely, please--get me a family picture."  I told her I would and we said our "I love you's" and then goodbye.   UGH...I knew I was going to be in the doghouse with my mama if I didn't get that darn picture to her.... and soon. 
So I ran over to JCPenney's the next day because it's the closest retail store to my house and picked out a new outfit for myself...I chose bright pink because I knew mom would like that. :-) She always gripes about how I don't wear enough color...which admittedly, is true.  I prefer wearing black and browns any day over pinks and bright colors.  Thankfully, I had already bought the kids some new church clothes recently at Gap and Old Navy so they were good to go for their outfits.  I had Jody wear a pink/reddish tie to match my dress.  And voila!  The clothes were chosen for the family photo. 
I've been putting off taking a nice family photo in all honesty because it stresses me out so bad trying to get our three little ones to cooperate for a family  picture.   Especially when we hire a professional photographer to do it.  We can rarely get all three kiddos to be still, pose and smile for the camera all at once. And there is ALWAYS drama involved...Taylor likes to sprint away and I'm then chasing her around...Noah gets really silly and likes to make faces...and Gavin almost always starts crying and we can't get him to stop.  ;-)  And when it reaches this point...I am covered in hives all over my neck and sweating my make-up off from trying to get everyone to cooperate and Jody well, he just gets grumpy.  
I had everyone dress up in their outfits this past Sunday and we had a friend snap a few photos of us before church.  I prayed all the way on the drive over to the church that the boys wouldn't rip their ties off before we got there (they hate wearing them) and that Taylor would not pull her bow out of her hair (which she is notorious for!).  Thankfully, they all stayed in tact until we could take the photo...
Here are a few that we took...
Jody had me laughing so hard when we looked at this pic afterwards of Gavin...he said it looks like Gavin is posing as a car salesman with  our minivan in the background.  Ha…ha…a pretty darn handsome car salesman I might add!!  
Thankfully, we were able to take the photos super fast with little to no drama....whew!  After we finished...we headed on into church.  Sacrament meeting was almost over so we just went into where they have the nursery for Taylor's age group and hung out there until it was time for Sunday school.  While we waited, the kids had fun reading books and drawing on the chalkboard. 
Noah wrote a really sweet note for us on the chalkboard and then Tay-Tay had fun adding her own little cute artwork to it afterwards. 
I thought the family pics turned out pretty cute in the end (imperfections and all).  And, I'm happy to report that I am now back in good graces with my mama after I emailed her the family photos she's been asking for. :-)
I sure am thankful for my sweet family...can't imagine life without them.

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