Monday, January 12, 2015

This and That Monday...

We've had some beautiful weather here in South Texas the past several days, so we've been enjoying spending more time outside.  

She is such a hoot…I was asking her to say "cheese" for the camera…

Taylor was cracking me up…she decided to protest that it was Gavin's turn to ride on the car.  Never a dull day around here my friends. ;-)  
Lola enjoying some last minutes of peace and quiet one morning before the little munchkins got out of bed.
And they love to give Lola big hugs when they wake up.
Taylor is talking so much more these days…and loves to help me around the house.  She especially likes to help me clean and cook in the kitchen. 
This little fella is always so happy…he was cracking us up sitting like this when we were driving around running errands the other day.
It's always an adventure going grocery shopping with these two…
She LOVES her cowgirl boots…these were actually Noah's John Deere boots when he was her age.  Jody pulled them out of a storage bin a few weeks ago and gave them to her--she puts them on every single day after we get her dressed in the mornings
Noah has been working so hard with his homework lately.  It's such a challenge for him each night to try and focus and complete everything.  His ADHD medicine has worn off by the evenings and so he has to work extra hard to try and sit still….focus….and get everything done. It requires ALOT of patience from mommy and daddy.  :-)
Miss Hollywood…this is how she rolls when we're out running errands.
We've been working on our letters and numbers lately…he's so anxious to learn new things.
He loves hunting for rocks and bugs when we're playing outside.
Hard to believe she's only 2 years old with all of that hair…what a beauty. 
I think she was going for the "gangsta" fairy princess look…
They sure love each other...
I'm so proud of my sweet boy and am thankful for all the many lessons he teaches me every single day as a mother. After we put the kids to bed the other night, Jody and I were up late visiting about how far we've come these past 12 1/2 years we've been married.  How our little family has grown since our early days of first being married when we lived in our little apartment in Austin, Texas.  I remember how we used to dream of someday having children and what our life might be like. These three kiddos of ours far exceed any expectations we had…they are the greatest blessing in our lives and we feel such gratitude to be their parents.

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