Friday, December 5, 2014

Thanksgiving in the Hill Country


For Thanksgiving, we headed to the Hill Country to stay at our place there. 
The kids love being here…they enjoy running around chasing each other in the pasture--
catching grasshoppers, rock hunting and saying hi to the longhorns.  
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The kids love when Daddy peels them oranges...

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After a day of knocking around outside and driving around Boerne and Fredericksburg,
we ate dinner and then it was bath and bed time.

Before sending them off to bed, we let the kids play games and watch a movie on the
iPad…they had fun cuddling together under the blanket.


IMG_2998 IMG_3005 IMG_3009 IMG_3010 IMG_3019

Poor Taylor's little nose was running so bad--I had to wipe it I bet a 100s before she went to bed.
She and Noah both started running a fever and were coughing pretty bad that night,
so the next morning we got up early and I took them to the local Urgent Care to get
some antibiotics started before Thanksgiving the next day.

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On Thanksgiving day, we woke up early that morning and hit the road to head to Jody's sister's
house in north Austin for the day.  Noah was so excited to see his cousins.  On the drive over, the
boys watched a movie while Taylor enjoyed doodling and drawing.


The kids had fun playing with their cousins and their dog, Pixie. Taylor especially loved feeding the dog--
they shared a few cups of popcorn together at one point and it was the cutest thing.
She'd give Pixie a bite and then she'd take a bite.  And all the while she just kept saying very sweet
and lovingly, "Puppy…Puppy…" I think baby girl is going to be a dog lover after all.

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We enjoyed our nice and relaxing Thanksgiving holiday with the hubby's family…
so thankful for all of our loved ones and for the special memories we made together this year.

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