Friday, December 5, 2014

The story of an adoption placement

I came across this young lady's story today about her difficult decision to place her baby girl for adoption.  Trust'll need a Kleenex to watch this.

It stirred up so many tender emotions for me and the deep love and admiration I have for Noah and Taylor's birthmothers.  Parts of this video were hard to watch.  I write so much here on my blog about the post adoption phase and as beautiful and wonderful as that is for adoptive couples...this young woman's account was a reminder of what we witnessed Noah and Taylor's birthmothers go through and  how very hard adoption is.  It takes an unbelievable amount of courage, strength and deep faith in God to be able to place a child for adoption.

I share this today in honor of this special Christmas season where we celebrate the Savior and all that He has done for us.  For His deep love that He has for each one of us and for His ability to heal all the pains and sufferings we experience in this life.

As most of you know, I would not be a mother today if it weren't for the sacrifice of two women who experienced more pain than I can imagine when they made the decision to entrust their son and daughter in mine and Jody's care as their mommy and daddy.  Other than the gift of the Atonement from my Savior, becoming a mother has been the greatest gift of my life.  I will forever be grateful for the gift of motherhood through adoption.

many blessings sweet friends as you enjoy this holiday season...

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