Friday, November 7, 2014

In the country...


Last time we visited my hometown, and while staying at my parent's place, the hubby, Noah and I took Pop's golf cart out on a drive around their land and along their country road. My parents live outside the city boundaries of our hometown of Gilmer on 28 acres.  When we visit, Noah loves to ride on Pop's golf cart and I driving around enjoying the pretty landscape and soaking in the smells of being in the country.

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and the weather was in the low 70s--a perfect day to enjoy the sights and sounds of East Texas in the early fall. We enjoyed driving around and visiting with Noah... telling him stories of my childhood here and the fun things me and my brothers used to do while growing up in the country. I showed him the exact spot where I ran our go-cart through the barb wire fence and where I wrecked my dad's pick-up truck in high school (yikes!)…Noah thought all of that was pretty funny.

I was thinking as we were driving around how much I hope that someday we can move out of the city and to the country to raise our kiddos.  Having lived this life as a kid--I remember clearly that it was a respite from the world for me--a peaceful place to reconnect with myself and my family.  This is definitely something I think my own children would benefit from as they get older and face even greater temptations than we did back in my younger days and the overall stress that comes with adolescence.

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I truly cherish my visits home.  I'm so thankful that my parent's have chosen to not sell our childhood home and have remained here all these years.  And now... their grandchildren can enjoy the charm and beauty of visiting KiKI and Pop's place and are making their own memories here.  They all so love coming and playing at their house. 

Speaking of country…did you guys watch Garth Brooks on GMA this morning? His performance of the country song, "Mom"…oh my goodness--it is so beautiful…

Happy Friday, y'all…


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