Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween Eve


The night before Halloween, we did a trial run with the kids and their new costumes.
I ordered them way back in August and they've just been sitting in a box in my bedroom.

Noah LOVED his Batman costume and immediately went into character...

Gavin was super excited about his Robin costume...he loved the cape and mask.

But Taylor Elizabeth...whew-wee!!  She was a HOT MESS when we put hers on...
 not happy at all about the sparkly wrist bands and the headband.  We didn't even try to
put on the little red bootie covers that came with it...we knew that would put her over the edge! ;-)


Noah a/k/a Batman- 8 yrs. old
Gavin a/k/a Robin-2 yrs. old
Taylor Elizabeth a/k/a Wonder Woman- 1 yr. old

  IMG_2331IMG_2336 IMG_2335 IMG_2318 IMG_2326 IMG_2317 IMG_2315 IMG_2295 IMG_2339

She calmed down and started to enjoy her costume once we took the sparkly wristbands off.  
Noah turned on some music and she had fun dancing around the room with her brothers...


We had a fun night trying on their costumes and watching the kids run around in them...
laughing and giggling away.  They were so excited about Halloween and getting to
go trick or treating the next day!

Here's a little snippet of the dance party we had on Halloween Eve...
the kids love jamming out to my cousin, Laura Lee Bishop's, pop song--
you can download it on iTunes by clicking here.

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