Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Family walk

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 After our day at the zoo, we headed back to our little 14-acre ranch in the Hill Country.
The kids were wanting to do some exploring on our property after dinner…
so we headed out the door for a little walk together.

Tay-Tay was hilarious…she took off running through the pasture as soon as we started
our walk…the boys went chasing after her and helped her get back on the path.

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Noah and Gavin were busy looking for lizards and spiders…
and Taylor had fun gathering and throwing rocks.

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It was so nice to be able to just let the kids roam around and play…
we're keeping our fingers crossed and hopeful that our plans work out  as we hope
and we can move up to this property by this summer and start enjoying life in the country. :-)
We're still in limbo as we await to finalize little Gavin's adoption…and can't move
until that is done.

Until then…we look forward to making more trips to our little Hill Country ranch and
staying for long weekends like this.

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