Friday, October 3, 2014

Ducks and turtles

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A drive through downtown Boerne is never complete for our crew unless we stop at the River Road park and let the kids get out and feed the ducks.  They LOVE IT.   This past weekend while we were staying in Boerne, we stopped to let the kids feed the ducks before we headed back home.  The weather was so the low 70s--a perfect day to hang out together along the riverwalk and feed all the ducks and turtles.

Taylor starts squealing as soon as her feet hit the ground...she immediately runs toward the ducks chasing them all the while exclaiming, "Ducky...Ducky!!"  Our little mama is pretty intense--it cracks us up!  Poor ducks...I think she scares them with her squealing---as soon as they see her coming I envision them probably saying to one another, "Oh crap..she's back!!".  Because they always take off running the other way!  ;-) 

Gavin and Noah love feeding them, too--and they also enjoy exploring the trail for lizards, turtles and other little bugs nestled in the grass and along the embankment.  We couldn't believe how many turtles were in the water this time...they were everywhere.  

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