Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Celebrating Pop and Janet's 50th wedding anniversary


We traveled to East Texas last Friday to our hometown for a special family celebration. My in-laws, Pop and Janet, were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary and my hubby along with his two sisters (and their families) were all coming to town to celebrate this special occasion.

The festivities began Saturday morning when we all converged at Pop and Janet's house.  The cousins had a blast as always tromping around their grandparent's place …Noah always enjoys hunting for grasshoppers and spiders while he's there along with the fishing he gets to do with his cousins, Daddy and grandpa.

Taylor and Gavin had fun running around and playing, too-- but they always make me nervous when we're outdoors at Pop and Janet's because of the lake in their backyard.  I have to keep a watchful eye on both of them and make sure they don't run down to the water by themselves or get too close to the fire pit.  ;-)

Jody and I enjoyed visiting with all of our family…we couldn't believe how grown up our nieces and nephews are now--gosh--time flies by so fast.  I remember when Jody and I first got engaged…they were all so young.  Noah so enjoys getting to hang out with all of his "big" cousins as he calls them. :-)

We enjoyed eating lunch together at Pop and Janet's, watching the A&M game (even though they lost horribly) and taking some family photos of my in-laws with all of the grandkids.  Poor Pop is recovering from back surgery--he had it just 2-weeks ago--so bless his heart…he wasn't feeling so hot --but he so enjoyed getting see all of his kids and grandkids on this special weekend.  I think it lifted his (and Janet's) spirits to be with all of the family for their anniversary.

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Later that evening, we all headed to Longview for a celebratory dinner for Pop and Janet's anniversary at Johnny Case's Seafood Restaurant (their favorite restaurant) so it was the perfect place for us to celebrate their special day.  I'm grateful to my mom and dad who babysat Gavin and Taylor for us that night so Jody and I could enjoy the dinner with our family and not have to chase our two little ones around the restaurant the entire night.  :-)

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We had a wonderful time spending the day with all of our family and helping Pop and Janet celebrate their special wedding anniversary. What an amazing accomplishment to be married for this long….I'm truly grateful to be a part of this special family and for the tender bond that is felt when we all gather together.

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