Monday, September 29, 2014

San Antonio Zoo

On Friday, we took the kids to the San Antonio zoo.  This was our first time to visit this particular zoo and we absolutely loved it.  The grounds are well kept and really beautiful.  We also liked how family friendly it is and there were park employees walking around and accessible the entire time ---ready to help and answer any questions we had.  That made it much easier to navigate our way around the park.

We couldn't have asked for nicer weather...thankfully it didn't rain like the forecast had predicted. The kids had an absolute blast and Jody and I enjoyed watching their excitement and squealing as they roamed around looked at all the cool animals, birds, reptiles, etc. 

As soon as we made our way in...the boys took off running in excitement.

Little Miss Tay-Tay was NOT HAPPY about having to ride around in the stroller, so we finally gave in and let her walk around with the boys.  She was much happier after that. :-)

We watched the elephant eat and then do a few tricks for the crowd...
the kids were so enamored with him.

The crocodiles, alligators and snakes always freak me out...

You can't fully tell from this picture, but this dude was HUGE.

It started to get a little hot so we cooled off by eating some yummy snow-cones.

The kids really enjoyed the huge carousel ride.

Jody and Noah had their walkie-talkies going the entire time gabbing back and forth.  They were cracking me up!  Noah was so happy that his little brother and sister were able to tag along with him to the zoo.  We had a wonderful time hanging out at the zoo as a family...good times and great memories were made.

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