Thursday, September 4, 2014

Celebrating little man's 8th birthday


For the Labor Day weekend, we flew to Dallas to celebrate Noah's 8th birthday on Friday and then his baptism with his cousin, Ava the next day. 

We were so excited to make this trip and spend the weekend with our loved ones.  Noah was especially excited about his birthday and baptism…in fact, it's all he could talk about for weeks leading up to his big weekend.  :-)

On Friday, we met my parents, brothers, sisters-in-law and nieces and nephews at Medieval Times for Noah's birthday party.  He was super excited that he was going to get to spend his birthday with his cousins and get to do a special "knighting ceremony" at his party.

Before we left our hotel, I snapped a few pics of our birthday boy (along with Taylor and Gavin).  While we were all getting ready--little man was so excited and anxious for his fun evening--he couldn't wait to walk out the door and head over to Medieval Times.

  IMG_1809IMG_1795 IMG_1818 IMG_1807

Taylor, Gavin and my nephew, Otto --since the dinner didn't start until 8pm and we knew they wouldn't be able to sit through the 2-hour show, we decided it best to let a babysitter keep them while the rest of us went.   My sister-in-law squared away the babysitter at her house to watch the trio.


As soon as we arrived, the photos and festivities began…
starting with Noah's knighting ceremony with the King. :-)

IMG_1826 IMG_1828 IMG_1831 IMG_1833

And then we had our group picture taken just before the show began…

My parents (KiKi and Pops) along with my 3 brothers (Brian, Brent and Jeff)…
my sisters-in-law (Katherine, Sheri and Jill)…
and Noah with his cousins (Lola, Ava, Beck, Marcus and Kinsey)

After the photos…we were invited into the arena with our group--
at Medieval Times, you are assigned a color group (hence the green crowns were were all wearing).
When you go into the arena…you sit with your color group which coordinates with
the knight that you'll be cheering on during the games and tournament.
We were excited to cheer on the green knight!


Once we all took our seats, the show and tournament began and dinner was served...

IMG_1835 IMG_1838
IMG_1839 IMG_1855 IMG_1892 IMG_1841 IMG_1861 IMG_1871 IMG_1870 IMG_1873 IMG_1909 IMG_1877 IMG_1881 IMG_1882 IMG_1886 IMG_1890 IMG_1894 IMG_1905 IMG_1895 IMG_1908 IMG_1910 IMG_1916

Our knight ended up winning the tournament…yippee…and as tradition goes for the tournament--the winning knight selects a princess from the audience.  He walks into the crowd and awards a flower to his princess.

My niece, Ava, was the lucky princess he chose.  :-)

He walked over to her...gave her the flower, her crown and banner…then they had their photo taken together.

IMG_1924 IMG_1928 IMG_1933 IMG_1935 jeff collage4 collage3 collage2 collage1 collage5

What a fun night we had celebrating Noah's 8th birthday.  A night that Noah will probably never forget. Aftewards, he told us that it was the best birthday ever and thanked us for taking him to such a fun place.  

It's amazing (and, I must admit, a little sad) how fast these past 8 years have flown by…our little fella is growing up too fast.  He is a special little soul and spreads so much joy, laughter and love wherever he goes. He's fiercely independent and teaches me daily how to be more patient, joyful and giving of myself.  He never meets a stranger and loves to talk to people (both young and old).   He loves to be silly and make us laugh...and dance around the house listening to music with his little brother and sister in tow.

I'm so, so thankful to be his mama and to be able to share this journey with him.

Noah has a deep and tender love for the Savior and is always asking very thought provoking questions about Jesus's life and ministry.  It is my sincere prayer that he always holds fast and tight to his testimony of the Savior and His Gospel---that He will always stay as positive and confident as he is now at the tender age of 8.  That he may never doubt how much his family loves him and more importantly, how much his Father in Heaven loves him.

Happy 8th Birthday my dear, precious son…
we love you so very much and are so proud of you.


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