Friday, August 8, 2014

A visit to the San Antonio temple


We took the kids recently to see the San Antonio LDS temple. This temple, along with the grounds that surround it, are beautiful.  I especially like how it sits up on a hill overlooking the city of San Antonio…lovely views of the city can be seen as you stand on the temple grounds.

It was a beautiful, sunny day on the afternoon we went.  It was super hot (over 100-degrees) so we didn't stay long --but we did get some cute pics of the kids walking around.  The hubby and I talked with them about why temples are important and special to those of our faith.

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The kids had fun walking around the temple grounds together…they told us that their favorite spot was the water fountain out front.  They kept wanting to walk over to it and touch the water.  And as you can probably imagine, we had to remind them about 100 times to NOT put their hands in it or even think about jumping in.  :-)


While we were there, we saw a young couple who had just been married inside the temple and we enjoyed watching them take their wedding photos around the temple grounds with their photographer.

I noticed Noah watching them…after a few minutes he turned to me and said he wants to marry his wife here someday. I was grinning from ear to ear after he said this…he's such a sweetheart.  The hubby and I pray that our children will choose to live righteous lives--to always strive to live Christ-like lives.  We don't expect perfection…we know they'll make mistakes--but hopefully they can avoid making big mistakes if we continue to love them and teach them the Gospel while they're in our home.  I pray that they'll come to understand and see through life experiences how living the Gospel to its fullest brings greater happiness and so many tender blessings.  And one of the most important and sacred we believe is being married in the temple….a  holy and beautiful place where we have the opportunity to make sacred promises and covenants with one another and the Lord.

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