Wednesday, July 23, 2014



It's been such a hot July so far, hasn't it??  Oh my goodness--it's been tough trying
to find things for the kids to do during the day where they won't burn up in this
sweltering heat of ours.

They love playing in the backyard, so the other night we pulled out our little
inflatable pool and let them splash--splash away. 

We put Noah in charge of filling it up...he really enjoyed that part.  :-)


I had Gavin and Taylor's swim diapers on them while Noah was filling it up. 
And just before he finished--I left the hubby on the back patio with all three
of the kiddos to watch while I ran upstairs to get their swimsuits. 

When I came back downstairs, I heard screaming, laughing and splashing. 
As I walked out the back door-- Gavin and Taylor were already knee-deep in
the pool playing and splashing. The screams and laughing were coming from
them as their big brother squirted them all over with the water hose. :-)

The hubby just looked at me and smiled....needless to say--we decided to 
just forget about putting their swimsuits on (hence the half-naked kiddos)
and let them play and splash in their swim diapers. 

IMG_1294IMG_1293 IMG_1292

Taylor was cracking us all up---she was a WILD WOMAN in the water....
splashing both her brothers like crazy.  I tell ya---this girl has NO FEAR--
whatsoever.  She is one feisty little mama and definitely knows how to hold
her own when it comes to hanging out with her brothers and other bigger kids.

IMG_1291 IMG_1299 IMG_1316 IMG_1329 IMG_1334 IMG_1332 IMG_1309 IMG_1313 IMG_1287

The hubby and I so enjoyed sitting back and watching them play, laugh and giggle together. 
It was a tender reminder to me of how fleeting their childhood is…
I was thinking to to myself how Noah will be turning 8 next month….
and yet, it just seems like yesterday he was Taylor's age.

In fact, I anticipate in the not too distant future, Noah will be at a different stage in his life---
closer to the pre-teen years and probably will not want to play like this with his
little brother and sister.  :-)

And so for now---we continue to savor every moment we have with them while still
in their younger years.

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