Friday, July 18, 2014

Farmer's Market at the Cibolo Nature Center


We have heard great things about the Farmer's Market at Cibolo Nature Center
in Boerne, so while we were in town, we decided to go check it out. 

It's held every Saturday…March thru October (8:30AM-12:30PM)…
for more information--you can find their Facebook page here.

The weather was perfect on the day we went…not as hot as it had been--
so we enjoyed walking around and tasting all sorts of yummy fruits and 


Little Man trying to decide which batch of blackberries to buy...

IMG_0262 IMG_0406 IMG_0399 IMG_0260 IMG_0258 IMG_0255 IMG_0250 IMG_0405 IMG_0245 IMG_0407

We loved this chicken coop…
The hubby spoke with one of the farmers while we were there
and snagged the name and contact info. for the man in town who makes them.
Having chickens is definitely on our bucket list of things to do once we're living
in the country again.

IMG_0270 IMG_0273 IMG_0283 IMG_0281

The little ones tried them out for the first time...Tay-tay looked it over
thoroughly before putting it in her mouth. :-)


Tay-tay ate a few, but Gavin--oh my--he LOVED them.
He literally almost ate the entire basket of blackberries himself.
We were cracking up!!

IMG_0286 IMG_0282 IMG_0401

Noah really enjoyed talking with all the farmers and
asking questions about how they grow the fruits and veggies.
We were so proud of him---he really has a curious and inquisitive mind.
And he never meets a stranger--loves to talk to people (just like his Daddy!!)

IMG_0292 IMG_0295

She is such a little cuddle buddy...the boys have never been into giving lots of  hugs
and cuddling--so I'm so enjoying baby girl and all the hugs she likes to give.


One happy little dude when I snapped this picture....
he had a full tummy of blackberries and was feeling pretty proud of himself. :-)

 After we left the Farmer's Market and before going to grab lunch, 
we took the kids back to the downtown river area and let them feed the ducks again.
  IMG_0305IMG_0395 IMG_0308 IMG_0309

There were so many more ducks this time than last time…
I think because it was a bit overcast and not as hot like it was last time we were there.

The kids were in heaven. And well...the ducks, too!
They have to be some of the best fed ducks ever.


Tay-tay wasted no time...
she jumped right in and started chasing them almost immediately.

taylor3 taylor6 gavin3

Gavin...being the more reserved child that he is--
he kept a healthy distance from the ducks 
and stayed close to either mama or daddy most of the time.

ducks13 ducks10 ducks9 ducks7

Like I said... the ducks were everywhere....

ducks5 ducks3 ducks2 daddy and ducks kidsin boerne

A great day at the Farmers Market in Boerne... 
I look forward to when we are living up this way full-time and can go 
to the Market as a family on a regular basis.

Happy Friday everyone...have a blessed weekend!


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