Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Making memories at KiKi and Pops house


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While visiting family in East Texas, we spent a few days at my parent's house. The kids always look forward to going to stay with KiKi and Pops.  My mom has this special cookie jar that she keeps just low enough where all the grandkids can sneak into the cabinet and grab a handful of Golden Oreo cookies.  And boy howdy--they think it's the coolest thing to have free reign to eat all the cookies they want while at KiKi and Pops.  It always cracks me up when I'm sitting in my parent's den and I hear the metal lid clang against the jar as one of the grandkids is very slyly putting the lid back on after snagging a cookie. And then the pitter-patter of their feet running down the hallway giggling with a cookie in hand. :-)

Another favorite hang out place is my old bedroom which has nowadays been turned into the kids playroom basically.  There are all sorts of toys, trucks, stuffed animals, books, little kitchen, etc. for the grandkids to play and explore with.  On this trip, Taylor and Gavin had a blast hanging out in there and just going through all the fun things. 

  IMG_0992IMG_0989 IMG_0988 IMG_0987 IMG_0994 IMG_0984 IMG_0979 IMG_0999

These little baby strollers have always been a hit with the fact, my mom has
about 4 or 5 now that she keeps in the playroom because when all the cousins are there--
a fierce battle will usually break out with who gets to push a stroller around.  

My parent's have a great dane named Willow and a new boxer puppy, Bella. Noah is always so enamored with Willow and how big she is. He's learned to stay clear of her long tail though because oh man--when she whips that thing around and it hits you--it really hurts!  But she's such a sweet good with the kids. Bella is still pretty young, so we're not comfortable yet letting the kids play around her--but so far, she seems to have a sweet temperament. 

Taylor and Gavin on the other hand--oh no--they want NOTHING to do with sweet Willow.  She scares them to death when we pull into my parent's driveway.  She likes to walk right up to the car window, put her nose to it and just stare at the kids.  That's pretty intimidating for the little ones...I can't say I blame them.  And as we walk into the house--they are clinging to us with a death grip just staring in amazement at this beast of a dog. But like I said--she's a gentle giant--in fact, we laugh because I think she honestly thinks she's a little dog.  You can tell the way she plays that she doesn't realize how huge she is.



Before we left KiKi and Pop's house to head back to Dallas, the hubby and I tried to take a few photos of the kids with their grandparents--but as you know if you're a parent of small kiddos--you rarely can get all the kids looking at the camera at once....oy!! 


We had a great time spending time with my parent's...the kids didn't want to leave when it came time to load up in the car. But the sting of having to leave their grandparent's was eased when we explained to them that we were heading to Dallas to now spend time with their cousins and KiKi and Pop's were going too--we had a fun family get-together planned with our extended family (my parents, my three brothers and their families and us) to stay at the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine for the weekend.  

In fact, Noah got to ride to Great Wolf Lodge with KiKi and Pop's all by himself which he greatly enjoyed. I look forward to sharing pics from our fun family weekend in later posts....

Until then...



  1. Sounds like a great place to visit. And that toy stroller thing...YES!! Those battles DO always break out whenever I'm with a group of children. What great grandparents to take care of that problem by having multiple strollers.
    Looking forward to seeing the rest of the trip.

  2. Precious photos. I love that she has a special cookie jar for them. They will always remember that!! And, all the toys. FUN!!

  3. Very interesting; and great pictures.


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