Thursday, June 26, 2014

Great Wolf Lodge Family Reunion 2014-- Our last day



On our last day at Great Wolf Lodge, Noah spent the morning hanging out with his cousins
and grandparents while we were getting all our stuff packed in the hotel room.


IMG_1154 IMG_9805 IMG_1151

Taylor was too precious sporting her wolf ears…
  IMG_1153IMG_1168 IMG_1165 IMG_1159 IMG_1161 IMG_1171IMG_9896 IMG_9900

After loading all of our cars, it was time to say our good-byes…ugh---always the sad part. 
I love my parents and brothers so much.  What a blessing they have always been to me and my life.
I thank Heavenly Father every day for them. 

Unfortunately, our youngest brother, Jeff (he's missing in this pic)...
he got really sick the day before and didn't feel much better by day 3, 
so my sis-in-law decided it best to drive him home earlier that morning so
he could try and get some rest and recover.  I felt so bad for him…  


The kids were all excited once we were in the car and
started passing out their treats for the drive over to the airport.  Lollipops always make a
road trip more exciting.

By the time we pulled into Love Field to catch our flight and checked our luggage--
we learned that we (and most everyone else on the flight that was headed
to Harlingen) had been bumped from the flight.  Apparently there were mechanical
problems with the plane and they found a new plane--however, it was smaller and couldn't
carry all the booked passengers…oy!!

Jody spent over an hour at the ticket counter trying to find us a flight out of Dallas  --
while I chased all three of the kids around the Love Field airport.  SO STINK'IN STRESSFUL!!!


The only option we had to get home was to fly to Corpus Christi--rent a car--
and then drive 2 1/2 more hours to get home!!

Ugh…such a nightmare.


We were grateful they could at least get us on a flight to Corpus…
when we finally landed later that night--it was around 10PM --
We loaded our sleepy and worn out crew into our tiny rental car.
But before leaving Corpus Christi---we  had to drive to the local Wal-mart and buy
2 new car seats and a booster seat for the kids--yep, that's right---we had checked ours with
our luggage in Dallas.

So my poor hubby got all the new car seats installed in our tiny rental car in the dark parking lot…
I felt so sorry for him--he was exhausted…hot…and worn out from the stressful trip.
And the kids--well, they were showing more and more signs of feeling stir crazy.
I was saying a constant silent prayer in my heart that Heavenly Father would protect us and
help us get home as soon as possible.

We were finally able to pull out of Corpus Christi with a new set of car seats around 11:00PM and started our long drive home.

Within about 20 minutes of snapping this photo of the kids…they all three passed out.


We pulled into our driveway at around 1:00AM….and boy--were we exhausted….my whole
body just ached.

…this will most definitely go down in the books as one of our worst trips home--
one that will probably haunt the hubby and I for a very…very... long time.  ;-)

But despite the awful trip back home--we so enjoyed our time with all of our family at Great Wolf Lodge…
and we look forward to doing another family reunion next summer with everyone.



  1. You take the best pics of your sweet crew! Taylor never ceases to make me laugh at the faces she makes!! All girl! LOL What a nightmare getting home.

    1. Oh thank you girl!! Taylor is such a hoot! And yes, it really was a nightmare trip home. I'm already feeling anxiety about having to fly again with this crew.

  2. You poor thing. I'm sorry it ended that way. I have never been on a plane with my kids. I can only imagine how hard that must be, especially with your little ones. You did it though and survived! Yay!

    1. Thanks, Kathleen---we actually fly a lot with the's always an adventure--but this by far was the worst experience. :-( I don't understand why more airports don't have play areas for kids---there's really nothing to do with the little ones when you're stuck at the airport for hours.


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