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Great Wolf Lodge Family Reunion 2014--Day 1


This past February, when we gathered together with my extended family in Dallas to celebrate all the February birthdays in our family--we decided to plan a family reunion of sorts for this summer--a weekend at the Great Wolf Lodge.  Before my brothers and I got married and started our families--my parents, brothers and I always took family vacations to Florida.  For years we did this...and after we all got married and the kiddos starting coming--it has just become way too difficult to coordinate everyone's work schedules, kid's summer activities, etc. for us all to go to Florida.  

So we decided this year that Great Wolf Lodge would be a fun way for all of us to get together and spend some time together...most of our extended family lives either in or close to the Dallas/Grapevine area--so this was a perfect fit for us.

After spending the week in Gilmer with my parents and the hubby's--we loaded up the kids and headed to Grapevine that Friday to meet everyone for our weekend of fun.  Noah was excited because he got to make the 2 hour trip there with KiKi and Pops-- while Taylor and Gavin rode with us.  On our drive up--a few times when I looked back at the kids--I'd catch them holding hands like this was so, so sweet. Melts my heart every time they do this. :-)

One of my brothers and my parents had been to Great Wolf Lodge before--but for the rest of us, this was our first time.  The first thing I thought when we walked in was this place is HUGE...and packed with families.  It took the hubby about 45 minutes to wait in line to check in to our hotel room.  When he walked in there were about 60 other people ahead of him.  This place definitely does the business.


While we were waiting to get our hotel room...I meandered around the lobby area and snapped some photos while chasing the little ones around.  I was really regretting at that moment us not bringing the double stroller for this trip. 

IMG_9819 IMG_9823

After the long wait--Jody walked over to us with our room keys...well actually, not keys--they give each member of the family a wrist band that you wear the entire time you're at the Lodge and it is what let's you into your room.  You can also scan it in the food court, gift shop, restaurant, etc. and the items will be billed to your room.  This was a really nice feature because we didn't have to try and keep up with a room key card the entire time we were there.

When we walked into the room...the kids were all excited to see their cool sleeping bunk area.

We let Noah sleep on the top bunk, Gavin on the bottom and Tay-Tay was in her pack-n-play next to Gavin's bunk. 

IMG_9802 IMG_9810
Another cute thing Great Wolf does for the kids...they each get their own set of wolf ears.  Taylor LOVED fact, we brought them home with us and she still wears them around the house. :-)


After we got settled into our room...we threw on our swimsuits and headed down to the water park area of the resort. My parents, brothers, sister-in-laws and all our nieces and nephews were already there and having fun in the water. IMG_9820

They have a huge indoor water park area...a fun water play zone, massive water slides, a wave pool, and kiddie pool area for the babies and toddlers....


After hanging out indoors for a while...we headed outdoors to the rest of the water park area...
this one suited us better.  It was soooo packed in the indoor water park and we had a hard time keeping an eye on all three of the kids.  Plus it was hot and humid in there...

I'm a fan of the outdoor park....
IMG_9811IMG_9703 IMG_9707 IMG_9721 IMG_9696
Gavin surprised us...he had zero fear in the water.  As soon as we got his floaties on...
he was off and running...splashing and giggling away in the water.

Now our little Tay-tay...well, that's a different story--intially she wouldn't have anything to do with the water.  Got really upset when we tried to put her feet in...which was so surprising because she is a wild woman in the bathtub with the boys.  She splashes and jumps all over them...but oh no--the water park was a bit intimidating for this sassy little mama.

She tried to bolt numerous times...but we just kept coaxing her in...
little by little..
IMG_9684 IMG_9686 IMG_9723
The boys were sweet--they tried to put her mind at ease and kept reassuring her it would be okay...
that it was fun!


She finally mustered the courage to step into the water with her Daddy...

She did pretty good once she got her feet and legs wet...
a few times she kept trying to make a run for it--
but by the time we were ready to head back up to our room...
she was feeling much more confident walking around in the water by herself.

IMG_9702 IMG_9794

My with my brother, Brian and my mama.  I was so excited to spend this weekend with all of my family...
it's really hard living 10 hours away from all of our family.   I miss them so much.  But I must makes moments like our little family reunion weekend so much sweeter--I have a greater appreciation and cherish my time with them.

Later that night we all met in my parent's room to celebrate all the summer birthdays in our family...
mom had bought a massive cookie cake and had everyone's names put on it.
She's so sweet and thoughtful like that--and always makes our family get-togethers so special and fun.


We spent at least 2-3 hours that first night just laughing and hanging out together while all the cousins played together.  We celebrated my niece, Kinsey and nephew, Otto's birthdays that night--the kids had fun watching them open their birthday presents.


I feel bad...I was so tired that night and trying to enjoy the conversation more than be caught up in taking so many photos--so I didn't get pics of all of our family that were there...but in upcoming blog posts from our Day 2 and 3 at Wolf Lodge--I have pics of everyone that was there.

IMG_1097 IMG_1069 IMG_1058 IMG_1064 IMG_1068
IMG_1077 IMG_1078 IMG_1086 IMG_1095 IMG_1071 IMG_1104IMG_1137 IMG_1123 IMG_1120 IMG_1126 IMG_1128 IMG_1131
Aunt Katherine had some fun with Gavin making silly faces for the camera..
we were all cracking up--his little personality is definitely starting to come out. :-)


IMG_1132 IMG_1115 IMG_1088 IMG_1148 IMG_1136 IMG_1092
We also celebrated my parent's 45th wedding anniversary (May 31st) sister-in-law coordinated and handled ordering the cake and brought it for our family reunion..

We had a great first day at Wolf Lodge making special family memories together...
More pics to come from the rest of our fun weekend.


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  1. What a fabulous trip! That first picture of Gavin and Taylor melts this momma's heart as well. So precious. And, congratulations to your sweet parents. That is amazing! 45 years. We just celebrated 26 last month.


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