Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Our adorable "Mr. GQ" + his adoption update

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[ images by Angela Garmendia photography ]

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About two weeks after our dear friend Angela did the toddler photo shoot with Taylor, I asked her do one for our precious Gavin.  I was a little nervous how his session was going to go because he's not real keen on having to pose for a camera.  I mean...NOT AT ALL.  It's so hard to get him to smile for a photo which is pretty funny because he's always smiling and playing around the house with us--but as soon as you pick up a camera--he tightens up and gets very serious.  

But Angela-- boy she worked her magic again...oh my goodness.  Jody and I teared up when we got all of his precious photos back from her.  What a blessing this little fella is to our family--he is truly an angel sent from above and has the sweetest, most tender little spirit.  What I really love about these photos are they seem to genuinely portray his sweet personality.  When my sister-in-law saw these, she said, "Dang! He looks so "GQ"!!  I have to say I agree.  ;-)

I can't wait to get them printed, framed and hanging up in our house so we can gaze at them all the time.  We will forever cherish them and this precious stage he's in now at 2 and 1/2 years old.

And speaking of sweet Gavin--let me share a little update about his adoption.  Since our final custody hearing back in March-- where as you may remember we were granted permanent managing conservatorship (which changed our status from foster parents to being named his legal guardians).  Following that court ruling, we had to wait 2-weeks to see if any family member or attorney involved with the case was going to appeal before the ruling was signed and made official. I won't lie--there was a little bit of anxious nail biting going on during those 14 days.  But thankfully there were no appeals filed, and so we are now officially Gavin's legal guardians. Thank goodness!!

Our attorney filed the new legal petition for his adoption two-weeks ago with the new court where his file has now been assigned. We've been assured by our attorney that this phase of the adoption process should go fairly smoothly now that  we're his legal guardians.  And we're hopeful that within the next 6- months his adoption will be finalized. 

Many thanks again to everyone who has prayed for this little fella to stay in our home and be a part of our forever family.  We are getting closer and closer as each month goes by of making this dream become a reality and what a special day that will be.  


  1. Most definitely GQ! How adorable is he???!!! Love that little tie. So happy to hear that things are progressing with him being in his forever home!!

    1. Thank you! We're so happy that things are finally falling into place. :-)

  2. we are looking at about 6 more months too. maybe we will be finalizing adoption for our little 2 1/2 year old boys near the same time. crazy the journey we have been on together yet so far in distance. love to you.

    1. Oh April---wouldn't that be so amazing if these two were finalized around the same time?!! I'm so happy that everything is going well for you guys and the adoption. I will always be so grateful for you advice and guidance early on when we began our foster parent journey. You definitely helped put my mind at east about a lot of things. I just wish we lived closer to each other so our families could get to know each other better.

      much love to you and our family...

  3. Thank you Jesus. I have been praying alot over this. Im so happy for yall. Happy Mothers Day!!!!?


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