Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Little Man's school musical

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Noah has been so excited for the past several weeks about his school musical.  He's been practicing his songs every night. He really loves music...

We were all excited when the big day finally came around for his musical last week and it was time for he and his classmates to perform their songs.  Jody had been out of town for 4-weeks leading up to this in trial on one of his big legal cases--so Noah and I were both bummed that Daddy wouldn't be able to attend--but I promised Noah and Daddy that I would record it and takes lots of pictures so they could watch it together when Daddy got back in town.

Since Daddy couldn't be there to help me, I had a babysitter come over earlier that afternoon to watch Gavin and Taylor.  I knew it was going to be much easier for me to video and take pics of little man without having the little ones there.  They would have never lasted through the entire hour long performance.  So once the babysitter arrived that afternoon---Noah and I drove over to the school gymnasium to get him there early enough to get seated with his classmates.

He was so excited on the drive over and kept singing his songs from the was really sweet to listen to his sweet voice.  But I could tell he was a little bummed that Daddy wouldn't be there... 

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Once we arrived, I walked Noah down to his classroom to meet his teacher and classmates and then I headed on into the gym to grab a seat. As I was waiting and looking at the program, all of a sudden, someone came up behind me and put their hand on my shoulder. When I turned around--I was shocked to find my hubby standing there with the biggest grin on his face. He hugged me and then explained how he was able to leave court early that day--drive an hour and half from where he was working and make it just in time for Noah's big performance.  I was so happy to see him!! I told him to run down to the classroom real quick before it began and peek in and let Noah see that he was there to see him.

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Little Man was ecstatic that his Daddy was able to make it after all.

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The musical was so sweet and the kids did a wonderful job on their speaking parts and singing.
 Afterwards, Noah wanted to go eat at Luby's for dinner so the three of us grabbed a bite
to eat there and then headed on back to the casa.

Such a fun evening and I'm so thankful that Jody was able to make it in time to see his performance.
It made it all the more special for little man knowing his Daddy was able to make it after all.

[P.S. ...I've had a few friends email/text asking why the blog was private worries---everything is fine.  I have been super frustrated with Blogger the past few weeks (you can never get a live body to help you--oy!!) and finally decided to set the blog to private to try and fix some bugs  --my posts were either getting deleted while I was in the middle of writing them or my pics wouldn't upload correctly.  So frustrating....Anyway...I had a friend help me tweak some of the html coding and I think I have it fixed now. Keeping my fingers crossed it will keep working and not be so difficult to write posts moving forward.  ;-) ]


  1. So sweet. And I know he had to be just thrilled to see his daddy make it after all.

  2. This is such a great story. What a great surprise to see your husband there. I bet that's a moment Noah will never forget.
    Glad it was such a special day for the three of you.


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