Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

My dear sweet mama...oh how I love and respect you.
I'll forever be grateful for the love and support you have always shown me...

for patiently waiting on my arrival those agonizing extra 3 -weeks past your due date
while I did some extra "primping" before my arrival into this world .... ;-)
...for always cheering me on during the hard times--
...for being by my side to celebrate all the special moments
and for always being there when I've needed you the most.

I hope you always know and feel how cherished you are by everyone in our family...
how thankful I am to be your daughter.

In addition to celebrating my love for my beautiful and amazing mama heart is overflowing with tremendous love and gratitude for the gift of adoption and motherhood.  Since I was a little girl---I knew I always wanted to be a mother.  I can remember playing for hours on end with my baby dolls---the make believe dressing and feeding them---using my allowance to buy baby outfits at Wal-Mart to dress them---practicing for when someday I'd be a real life mama to babies of my own.  But I never could have imagined back so long ago how difficult the journey to get here would be.

I can honestly say now as I look at my three beautiful children....I wouldn't change anything....I know that may sound crazy, but it's the honest truth.  The long wait we experienced to adopt, the heartache of infertility, the many unsuccessful fertility treatments, the failed adoptions, the court battle to keep our foster son--all these "harder moments" we experienced to grow our family were worth it in the end.  They prepared me--they stretched my soul--they taught me amazing life lessons--they humbled me---but more importantly, they made me more thankful and appreciative of the great blessing and responsibility I now have to mother these three beautiful children of ours.  

I am so grateful this Mother's Day for my children's birthmothers who made the difficult choice to put these beautiful babies needs above their own---and chose Jody and I to be their parents.  We are eternally grateful to these women.

My heart breaks for those who have lost their dear mamas--and-- for the women who long in their hearts to be mothers but have not had the blessing to do so yet.  I have prayed for you today and hope that the Lord can help ease your heartache and fill your heart with His tender love and peace.

May you all have a blessed Mother's Day... and enjoy celebrating the women in your life who have made a lasting impact on you and your family.


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