Tuesday, April 29, 2014

1st grade field trip

Noah's class took a field trip last week to the IMAS (International Museum of Art & Science).  It's this great local museum here in McAllen and they always have all sorts of really cool art exhibits and science activities for kids of all ages to explore and participate in.  

For this particular field trip, Noah's teacher was needing chaperones to help drive the kids to the mueseum and then to be there to help watch and supervise the kids.  I decided this would be a great way to spend some quality time with little man, so I put Gavin and Taylor in the school's child care day school while I chaperoned the field trip.  Noah was so happy that I was able to go with him and I was, too.  When Noah was still our only child, I was able to volunteer all the time at his school-but after Taylor and Gavin joined our family--it has definitely made it more difficult to be involved like I once was with all of little man's school activities.  But it won't be long before Taylor and Gavin will be in school themselves and I can be more present at the school as a parent volunteer like I once was.

Once we arrived at the museum--our tour guide explained all the rules and expectations to the kiddos and then our guided tour began.  I was so proud of Noah and his classmates--they behaved so well and were such good listeners and participants the entire time. I could definitely see how they've matured this year while being in 1st grade.

Such a fun field trip with Noah and all of his sweet classmates.  They had a blast at the museum and then afterwards, enjoyed eating pizza and playing on the playground.  I was so happy I was able to go with him and take part in this fun day with him. Seeing his excitement that mommy was tagging along took me back to my own childhood and how happy it made me that my mom was so involved in my school activities and came to all the fun things like this just to be with me and support me.  I hope to always be able to share these same type of experiences and memories with my children and show my love and support for them. 


  1. What fun! I always loved going on the girls class trips with them.

    1. It really was a lot of fun...and thankfully we had beautiful weather, too!


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