Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Super Dad's birthday

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Sunday was this handsome fella's birthday and due to the fact that he was out of town
attending a legal seminar last Thursday thru Sunday night-- we decided to wait and 
celebrate his birthday last night.  The kids were super excited to give
Daddy his presents and help him eat some yummy birthday cake.

Daddy requested Rudy's BBQ for his birthday dinner--so the kids and I decided to go 
 through the drive-thru to pick some up before he got home from work.  I quickly realized when
we pulled into the parking lot that we weren't the only ones jones'in for some of their great BBQ
 for dinner last night.  The line wrapped all the way around the building- needless to say--
we had to wait almost 45 minutes in the drive-thru to get our grub.  And Daddy ended up
beating us home--but oh well--the wait was worth it since it was his special birthday dinner.
We killed some of the time waiting in line by watching a movie in the car and 
then doing some silly selfies with my iPhone.  ;-)

 photo unnamed1_zps1d574a50.jpg
 photo unnamed5_zpsedcb6c68.jpg

After chowing down on the BBQ....
we then gave Daddy his presents and lit his b-day candles on his cake.

 photo unnamed6_zps023aed62.jpg  photo unnamed4_zps8c00f61e.jpg

As you can tell from the pics...
the kids LOVED the icing more than the actual cake. ;-)

 photo unnamed2_zps446e255f.jpg  photo unnamed3_zps12603e5c.jpg

Such a fun family night we had celebrating Daddy's special birthday.
Noah made him a card (see above) and called him Super Dad.

So sweet....

Oh how I love this man...
I feel so humbled and blessed to have him in my life.
He is truly one of the most loving, caring, intelligent, talented, hard working and
tender-hearted men I know.  I'm grateful for his love and respect for family, marriage
but more importantly, for his deep love for the Gospel and the Savior.

I learn so much from him every day...
how to serve others more selflessly,
how to have a deeper and more meaningful relationship with the Savior,
how to put other's needs above my own,
how to look for humor and the best in every situation,
and how despite our circumstances--life is richer when we choose to live joyfully every single day.

What a blessing you are to me Jody Ray --but also to our three precious little ones...
Noah, Taylor and baby boy.  They love their sweet Daddy dearly.

To be able to share this journey with you and walk side-by-side with you through this life
as husband and wife--it's a dream come true for me.

We love you "Super Dad"...
so very, very much.  ;-)

Hope you enjoyed all your birthday treats...



  1. Happy Birthday to Jody. Rudy's is definitely worth the wait!! The cake pictures are precious.

  2. Thank you sweet friend... :-)


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