Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Break--RV'ing in the Hill Country

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 We had a fun time this year on our Spring Break getaway while camping in our RV
 nestled in the cute Texas Hill Country town of Boerne.

The kids always have such a blast when we stay in our RV...
They especially enjoyed this particular trip because both sets of their grandparents made
 the trip to see us while we were there.  This was their first time to see Boerne.

We enjoyed spending time with KiKi and Pops and Janet and Pop--showing them around the area
and driving them out to see our land that we own there.   We also enjoyed spending time with my younger
brother Jeff, his wife Jill and our nephew, Marcus.

Here's a random smorgasbord of our photos from our Spring Break this year...

 photo IMG_9508_zpsf0a132ef.jpg photo IMG_9503_zpsc854ef5c.jpg  photo IMG_9671_zpsd350eb15.jpg  photo IMG_9670_zps1207231d.jpg  photo IMG_9524_zps21a0c17c.jpg  photo a2973be9-64ad-4e3f-adc3-14451b728314_zps6354a11a.jpg  photo IMG_9527_zps9a7820ee.jpg  photo IMG_9532_zps713ed6f9.jpg  photo IMG_9539_zpsa8a79c4a.jpg  photo IMG_9562_zps2317400e.jpg  photo IMG_9560_zps4bd06975.jpg  photo IMG_9570_zps3a5e211c.jpg

 photo IMG_9565_zpsd4992603.jpg  photo IMG_9574_zps216c0543.jpg

 photo IMG_9571_zps5e005ee1.jpg  photo IMG_9575_zps090e824b.jpg  photo IMG_9595_zps2ca6e3eb.jpg
 photo IMG_9769_zpsd9d42b55.jpg
 photo IMG_9771_zps4313c96b.jpg  photo IMG_9623_zps2f034b0f.jpg photo IMG_9629_zps18034f85.jpg  photo IMG_9639_zps32a25b23.jpg  photo IMG_9644_zps4d6ffce4.jpg  photo IMG_9646_zps20261bae.jpg  photo IMG_9649_zps5f807c88.jpg  photo IMG_9656_zps86bbbfcc.jpg  photo IMG_9666_zpsbe374602.jpg  photo IMG_9668_zps8be5767d.jpg

 photo unnamed2_zps4c5b14e9.jpg  photo unnamed_zps3b2b7a97.jpg  photo unnamed5_zps7855dd20.jpg  photo unnamed4_zpscc03efea.jpg  photo unnamed3_zps92ef320e.jpg  photo unnamed1_zps89e1a8f4.jpg  photo IMG_9755_zpsf5805b75.jpg  photo IMG_9750_zps763ff086.jpg  photo IMG_9747_zps30c5cf90.jpg  photo IMG_9744_zps7482cd6e.jpg  photo IMG_9741_zpsc4004a94.jpg photo IMG_9729_zps4c715708.jpg  photo IMG_9726_zps67bebf77.jpg  photo IMG_9724_zps37ed2295.jpg  photo IMG_9721_zps0bd56877.jpg  photo IMG_9719_zps8192307f.jpg  photo IMG_9698_zps6137455c.jpg  photo IMG_9697_zps72f3d91e.jpg  photo IMG_9686_zps4f8ea7c0.jpg  photo IMG_9739_zpsca204827.jpg  photo IMG_9680_zpsb7c9bf72.jpg  photo IMG_9701_zps39d1f746.jpg  photo IMG_9715_zpsd84bc3eb.jpg  photo IMG_9734_zps7ddf6fc7.jpg  photo IMG_9736_zpsfd3b582f.jpg  photo IMG_9751_zps465731d6.jpg  photo IMG_9760_zpsbb66ce1e.jpg  photo IMG_9755_zpsf5805b75.jpg

 photo IMG_9732_zps4408339a.jpg


  1. Love all the pictures, your new header, and your beautiful family. I'm glad you had a such a great trip. I can't believe how big the kids are getting.

    1. Thanks, Kathleen...we really had a fun time and yes, it's so hard to believe how fast they grow up! Wish I could slow down time with them. :-) Thanks for stopping by and reading.


  2. Love all the pictures. What a great trip! I have to say that I just love Noah's smile. His bright little spirit just radiates through that smile. I love it.

    1. Thanks, Kelli--his little smile is definitely happy little dude (most of the time!) ;-)



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