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San Antonio Children's Museum

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 For Noah's Spring Break last week, we headed to the Hill Country to camp in our RV 
for a week with the kids--something we love to do as a family. 
Jody had to be up in that neck of the woods for work, so it worked out perfectly for him 
to combine his work schedule with some fun family time with us.

On one of the days there, we drove to downtown San Antonio 
and took the kids to the Children's Museum and then to eat at the Riverwalk.  

It was a gorgeous day, so we couldn't have asked for more beautiful weather to go sightseeing.

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On our way to the museum, we walked by the Alamo .  It was crowded and busy as usual--but always humbling to see.  So much history there. I look forward to when Noah is a little older and we can do the tour again--I think he'll appreciate it more and the many sacrifices that were made here by so many brave fellow Texans.

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Little Man was so enamored with this guy...he just kept staring and staring at him and then
talking about how HUGE he was.  And of course, he asked if he could have a picture taken with him. :-)

I didn't have the heart to tell him about the stilts...

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After walking around the downtown area a bit, we made our way over to the Children's Museum.
 There was about a 10-minute wait to get in, but the weather was so beautiful-- we didn't mind waiting outside.
   photo IMG_9792_zps0f3763e6.jpg photo IMG_9796_zps905cbc23.jpg  photo IMG_9801_zps4308c423.jpg  photo IMG_9798_zpscec1fd68.jpg

Once inside--Jody and I decided to tag team it--he would go with Taylor and Gavin to the "Little Tot"
play area and Noah and I would go exploring together...

 photo IMG_9802_zpseb4a9af8.jpg  photo IMG_9808_zps7d4ade66.jpg  photo IMG_9811_zps37befb5d.jpg

 photo IMG_9819_zpse09e99c7.jpg
Little Man didn't waste any time with jumping right in and playing with all the cool gadgets and fun stuff...
he was having a ball exploring throughout this cool and very interactive kids museum.

I was super impressed with it as soon as we walked in...
we've taken the kids to the Austin Children's Museum but the San Antonio one (in my opinion) is much better.

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His favorite place to hang out by far was the little airport they have there...
so, so cool for a little boy and his imagination.

 photo IMG_9823_zps09a106ca.jpg  photo IMG_9826_zpse34fc478.jpg  photo IMG_9829_zps877d0f83.jpg  photo IMG_9830_zps014542ef.jpg  photo IMG_9832_zps02e39263.jpg  photo IMG_9836_zpsc8c6ebd2.jpg  photo IMG_9839_zpsc23552c8.jpg  photo IMG_9841_zps05c6daa7.jpg  photo IMG_9846_zpsa2ecfb63.jpg  photo IMG_9850_zps22b7540b.jpg  photo IMG_9851_zps6a88a3c6.jpg  photo IMG_9853_zps56487a58.jpg  photo IMG_9844_zps26d9d86f.jpg  photo IMG_9845_zps7264ebb0.jpg

After a while, Noah and I decided to go find Daddy and the kids and see what they were up to...

 photo IMG_9857_zps5001c1e4.jpg  photo IMG_9871_zps7cbb8e2c.jpg  photo IMG_9879_zps3ebb1186.jpg  photo IMG_9891_zpsc4404ecb.jpg  photo IMG_9908_zps3ce5eb9e.jpg  photo IMG_9912_zps2e5abf72.jpg  photo IMG_9911_zpsdf355ffc.jpg  photo IMG_9913_zps72a8e417.jpg  photo IMG_9916_zps846cbe52.jpg  photo IMG_9921_zps866dcf4b.jpg  photo IMG_9926_zpscbd5fe29.jpg  photo IMG_9929_zpsdc935def.jpg  photo IMG_9938_zpsc0986ad0.jpg  photo IMG_9946_zpsbf24deb5.jpg  photo IMG_9950_zps9b94015a.jpg  photo IMG_9876_zpsdd3040ec.jpg photo IMG_9954_zps9bfb250d.jpg  photo IMG_9955_zps8f45cb36.jpg

The time finally came to go---we loaded the little ones up in the stroller ( which they were quite unhappy about it as you can imagine...) and we were headed out to grab some lunch.
We were all starving at this point.

But before we left, Jody and Noah insisted I go check out the huge kid's H-E-B grocery store
(make believe of course) that's located on the bottom floor of the museum...
Noah took me by the hand and led me down the stairs to check it out while
 Jody headed outside with the little ones.

 Noah was so cute--he said, "Mommy, close your eyes and don't open them till I say so!"
 He's like his Daddy, he loves surprising me.
And when he had me through the door he said, "Open!"  I was amazed at how huge it is.
It is the coolest thing...oh my goodness---the kids were having so much fun with their parents
 learning all about  how to grocery shop and pay for groceries, but also they learn about the
 entire process of how we get our food---
how they make and process the meats, fruits, vegetables, milk, etc.

As a former elementary teacher I was thinking to myself how cool this would have
been to take my 2nd and 3rd graders to see this place after completing a unit on these topics.
      photo IMG_9971_zps18ef407b.jpg photo IMG_9972_zpsf995266f.jpg  photo IMG_9973_zpsb3d19d82.jpg  photo IMG_9976_zps89e2f6a7.jpg  photo IMG_9980_zps9ace102b.jpg  photo IMG_9981_zpsa809d78f.jpg  photo IMG_9982_zpse7e8c194.jpg  photo IMG_9984_zpscf0c5ee7.jpg  photo IMG_9986_zps972778fb.jpg  photo IMG_9987_zps7f074ac7.jpg  photo IMG_9989_zps6eb65ba7.jpg  photo IMG_9988_zps60da20c9.jpg

Such a neat and fun experience for all the kids to experience grocery shopping in such a realistic way...
I had to pry Noah away so we could go meet Daddy and the kids who were waiting outside.
He was sad we had to leave, but I explained to him that we'd definitely come back again.

Once outside the museum, we headed over to the Riverwalk to have lunch.
It's such a beautiful place...I'm always reminded of this when we visit.

 photo IMG_0016_zps7ec9bbd8.jpg  photo IMG_0015_zps4bb7ee52.jpg  photo IMG_0014_zps3a3ff8b9.jpg  photo IMG_0013_zps060d056b.jpg  photo IMG_0019_zps06375486.jpg

There are a ton of restaurants down by the Riverwalk to choose from, and we had planned on eating at Noah's favorite place, Rainforest Cafe ( he calls it "Gorilla Cafe")...but when we got there they were on a 2-hour wait. No way would our crew make it waiting 2-hours, so we let Noah run upstairs in the restaurant real quick to look at the gorillas and then we walked over to Landry's instead and had lunch there.  Noah was a little bummed that we didn't get to eat at Gorilla Cafe--but once we got our food--he completely forgot about it and chowed down.  Lesson learned though for next time we visit the Riverwalk with the kids in tow--I better make reservations in advance for the Rainforest Cafe-- it's crazy how packed they always are.

 photo IMG_0026_zpse4f029af.jpg

After lunch, we were all pretty tired after our fun day, so we started our trek back to the car and I kid you not, after we loaded the kids in the suburban and as soon as we were on the highway headed back to the RV, I turned around to find this...
   photo kids_zps1ee3e697.jpg

All three completely passed out and we'd only been driving for about 5 minutes.
Jody and I had such a nice, quiet drive back to was heaven!!  ;-)

We so enjoyed our first visit to the San Antonio's Children's Museum...if you're ever in the area with your kids, I would highly recommend it.

 Worth every penny in my opinion and such a great way to spend time as a family.

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