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We had such a fun time this past Saturday at Noah's basketball game.  He's on the "Suns" 7-year old team this season and he's having a blast playing this season.  They practice one night a week for an hour and half and then have their league games on Saturdays.  He has improved SO MUCH since the fall season and we couldn't be prouder of him.  Basketball definitely seems to be his favorite sport.

We all go to each of his games and he loves that Daddy, Mommy, Taylor and Gavin are there to cheer him on.  We usually have to keep the babies strapped in the stroller or it becomes a nightmare trying to chase both of them around and off the court during the game--and then we miss out seeing Noah actually play.  So for this game, Gavin enjoyed playing with my iPhone while he sat in the stroller and when Tay-Tay started getting restless--I pulled her out and chased her around while she danced to the awesome dance music they always have playing over the loud speakers.

I tell ya--this little mama is definitely going to be a dancer.  She already has some serious moves for just being 16 months old!! We along with all the other parents at the game were dying when during half-time--as Noah and his teammates were getting their water break and the loud dance music came on--Tay-Tay ran out into the middle of the court and started dancing for everyone.  She put on a little show all of her own doing. It was so stink'in cute...all she was missing were a set of pom-poms.

We were super proud of Noah--he scored 2 baskets during the game and did a great job on his defense.

Daddy man'd the big camera for me while I was chasing her around.  I was so happy later that night when I scrolled through the pics to find he captured so many great b-ball shots of Noah and the little ones.  Way to go Daddy!!

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Such a sweetheart...his sweet little smile melts my heart.

 photo IMG_0074_zps96fac7bd.jpg  photo IMG_0077_zps38119b1c.jpg  photo IMG_0078_zpsf5270336.jpg  photo IMG_0080_zps671fda95.jpg's a firecracker--she walked, ran, trotted and danced all over the gym. ;-)

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Oh boy--we had such a fun time together watching Noah play basketball...and we're super happy he's enjoying playing with his new teammates and has made some new friends.

It's been such a blessing for both Jody and I to watch him blossom with the basketball and learn a new sport.
Even though he's pretty outgoing and outspoken--Noah really has a tender and sensitive heart--and so we worried that he might get too overwhelmed and not enjoy it.  But thankfully, that hasn't been the case.  The coaches do a great job of making it fun and yet still challenging for all the kids. 

It's cute, we can tell that he's always worried when he's guarding "his guy" that he might hurt them.  So he's real careful (almost too careful) when he tries to steal the ball away  from them.  It warms my heart to see him try so hard to do his best at each game.  

We're so proud of his "I can" attitude and look forward to many more fun games this spring.

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