Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Here lately...

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Just a few tidbits on what we've been up to lately....
Taylor and baby boy were cracking me up the other morning when I took this
photo above.   Early mornings are not baby boy's favorite...
on this particular morning he wanted to wear Noah's tiger toboggan
while watching early morning cartoons with Tay-Tay.
...two peas in a pod I tell ya.

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We've had lots of showers down here in South Texas lately so our suburban was in major
need of a washing the other day.  The line at the car wash was really long--
but I decided to push through and wait it out with the little ones in tow.

Tay-Tay tried to be patient as long as she could while we waited...
but her patience ran thin by the end of our wait.  ;-)

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Noah had his career day at school the other day...
he was such a handsome and dapper doctor--don't ya think??.

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We stopped in to visit Daddy one afternoon at his office after we picked Noah up from school--
these two always have such interesting conversations together.  They crack me up... little man loves
when we pop in to see Daddy because he gets to raid the kitchen fridge at the office
and get a Coke and some chips.

 photo 10_zpseb4ab1ca.jpg
Shipley's donuts always makes running errands with mama around town
so much more enjoyable.  ;-)

 photo 7_zps4d456a31.jpg
Watching an episode of Downton Abbey late one night with Lola fast asleep on my chest...
which speaking of---have you guys been keeping up with Downton Abbey this season??
Oh my goodness...hands down my favorite show on t.v.--so stink'in good!!

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Being a foster parent can sometimes be a drag when it comes to all the required doctor/dental appointments you have to take the child to and the monthly reports and paperwork that has to be done.  Don't get me wrong--I love baby boy so very much and am so grateful to be his foster mom.. but golly--sometimes the wait to see these doctors is ridiculous and time consuming for foster parents.

We had a "required visit" with an ophthalmologist the other day (even though our foster son is showing zero signs of vision issues)--and we had to wait for 4 hours in the waiting room to see the doctor!! SO NOT FUN with a 2-year old.  I tried my best to keep baby boy entertained while we waited---he enjoyed playing all the games on my phone over...and over....and.... over--poor fella though--they had to dilate his eyes for the appt. --so he was having a hard time seeing the screen.

 photo 4_zps1587a822.jpg
Both the little ones were running a high fever and had ear they enjoyed
spending the morning in mama and daddy's bed watching their cartoons and getting
the royal treatment from mama.

 photo 3_zps8d000a38.jpg  photo 12_zps25b89a53.jpg
Daddy enjoys reading books to them before bedtime...

 photo 14_zps91400c9c.jpg  photo 17_zps30deda58.jpg
Taylor's sweet birthmom and grandmother gave her some new outfits recently--
we visited them this past weekend and had such a wonderful time catching up.
We took some pics of her in one of the dresses they gave her and texted it
to them...she looks so precious in her new jean jacket.

 photo 15_zps2d7f46f8.jpg two melt my heart when they walk hand - in- hand together.

 photo 20_zps679aa8db.jpg
 photo 19_zps89340626.jpg

15-months old going on 16--oh boy!!
She's all ready to take the car for a spin...

And lastly, just a quick update on our foster son's court case...

I feel like I'm beginning to sound like a broken record as I try to explain this so I apologize--but we had our court date on Valentine's Day.  This was our 5th hearing in 4 weeks. We were so praying that the judge would make a ruling but he didn't.  He carefully and thoughtfully listened to all the oral arguments presented by the slew of attorneys and then the state put on its witnesses--but even after all of this--the judge said that he was not comfortable making a ruling until they have the DNA results back on the "alleged" birthfather. Which is understandable and the right decision---legally speaking.

And so the saga continues...we head back to court on March the 4th. I can't begin to explain how ready we are for all of this to be over and to have some finality to all of this. It continues to weigh on us--the uncertainty of his placement keeps me awake many a night--I worry about baby boy's future if the state is granted guardianship instead of us.  I know in my heart this matter is in the Lord's hands --I guess the hardest part for me is being patient in that knowledge and being able to fully trust that this long wait we find ourselves in as foster parents hoping to adopt has a purpose.


  1. Thank you for keeping us in the loop with the happenings of your beautiful family. I have been thinking about you guys lately, stay strong...

  2. Still praying for your family. I still put your names in every time we attend the temple, as well!! I hope that it's all right with you and I hope that you will receive strength as you continue to wade through this seemingly-never-ending process. You continue to work SO HARD. It's so difficult to keep that up when it's all so uncertain--to me, uncertainty is a HUGE challenge. My thoughts and prayers are with you!!!

    1. Thank you so much for your prayers and for putting our names on the temple rolls. I hope all is going well your way!


  3. Beautiful family Jennifer. Still keeping my fingers crossed for baby boy!


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