Sunday, January 26, 2014

Week of Instagrams...

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Date night at the movies...we saw Jack Ryan: The Shadow Recruit with Chris Pine--
I really liked it--
the hubby...not so much.

But we sure enjoyed our night out together, though!!

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The babysitter posted this cute pic of she and Noah on Instagram while we were at the movies...
we busted out laughing during the movie when we saw this.
He's such little flirt--and we could tell he had sweet talked her into letting him drink a Coca-cola.

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Saturday morning donut run to Krispy Kreme...
heaven on earth people...literally--
but oy...the calories!! Yikes....

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Chicka can sure gobble down those donut holes.

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She loves to hang out here when mommy is cleaning the kitchen after dinner...
and yes--she is usually topless because she likes to dump her food all over her head and shirt.
And before getting her out of her high chair--we usually have to peel off her shirt and throw it
in the washer.

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After school...he likes to throw his fishing rod--
we have to improvise since we live in the city. ;-)

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And since the weather has been so nice...he's been enjoying riding his bike.
So happy he's finally taken a real interest in learning how to ride it.

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I had been putting this off for the longest, but the hubby watched the little ones one morning
while I headed to the Social Security office to apply for baby girl's social security card.

I arrived right when they opened and there was a line already out the door and around the corner
of the building.  Had to wait almost an hour and half before my number was called.
Oh...and what a lovely number I drew.

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Our dear friend from church...she's been promising for a while to come over for dinner one night
and teach me how to make her awesome homemade beef empanadas.

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We had so much fun cooking in the kitchen while all the kids played...
I just love her and am so thankful for her friendship.

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Post nap...
baby girl was feeling really crummy this week with her molars popping through--
so nap time was crucial.

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Took the kids for a walk...the weather was beautiful early on in the week--
so it did all three of us good to get out and enjoy it.

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Noah was so sweet--he read a children's book to baby girl one night on the iPad.
She was mesmerized by the pictures and him reading it to her.
It's so good for both of helps him work on his reading and she enjoys the attention
from big brother.

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He's getting so close to letting us take off those training wheels...

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By the end of the week--we had a cold front move in.  I was super happy to pull
out my sweaters again.  I don't like it when it's super warm in January--just doesn't feel like winter.

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Our cute hot mess at church today in one of her precious outfits her grandmother, KiKi, bought her.
 She was super happy and smiling for most of church--I should have snapped a photo of her earlier
during our block of church.  By the time I thought about it and pulled out my phone camera-
it was the third hour and she was in no mood to smile for the camera....
 tired, hungry and ready for a nap.

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  1. She still looks cute, even when she's crying! Noah looks like he's getting tall. Great pictures all around. Have a nice week, Jennifer.

    1. Thank you, Kathleen! She cracks me up when she gets all fired up--already a little diva I'm afraid. :-)


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