Thursday, January 9, 2014

Taking time to breathe and enjoy the view

On our recent visit to the Hill Country, we enjoyed spending time together out on our land there.  On the drive to our property, there are all sorts of sights that we love to stop and look at---and well, of course let mama take a few photos of. ;-)

Noah's favorite part of the drive there is when we pass the beautiful horses that live just down from our land. He always ask us to stop and pull the car over so he can roll down his window and talk to them. 

They really are beautiful...

 photo IMG_8968_zpsa1d54b20.jpg  photo IMG_8961_zps85b449dd.jpg  photo IMG_8957_zpsc027b2c9.jpg  photo IMG_8966_zps6c45bb49.jpg  photo IMG_8972_zpsad87f197.jpg

Another little spot on the drive we like to take a gander at is this lovely farmhouse... gosh it makes my heart looks as if you might step back in time when you walk in there?
 photo IMG_8973_zps9e88ca24.jpg

 photo IMG_8976_zps7f690dad.jpg

Noah always gets super excited and is ready to start exploring as soon as we pull onto our piece of land.  
The timing of our trip worked out perfectly ...the guys we hired to build our fence had just started putting in the fence posts the week we were in town.  So the hubby was happy he could check out the progress being made.

 photo IMG_8974_zpscc1bd014.jpg  photo IMG_8979_zps0a2d6085.jpg  photo IMG_8980_zps8d5045c3.jpg  photo land1_zpsca2930e9.jpg  photo land2_zps6aab0fad.jpg
Collecting all sorts of cool rocks while there...

 photo land3_zps33663fba.jpg  photo land5_zps9a00d794.jpg  photo land7_zps5daace99.jpg  photo land9_zpsdf7e45f7.jpg  photo land11_zpsdb4d79a5.jpg  photo land12_zps102bad53.jpg

As I was looking back through these photos, I fondly remember the boys walking hand in hand...laughing and giggling while they explored together.  And how Noah so tenderly watched over his little brother--making sure he didn't trip or fall down.  As I watched the two of heart swelled with a prayer--that someday in the near future--we might be able to make our sweet foster son a permanent member of our family.   What a tender mercy and gift this would be for our family...for these two precious boys to be able to grow up together tromping around on this land together as brothers. Oh how I hope this dream will come true for baby boy and us.

I  will remember how I savored the fragrant smells of the outdoors on this crisp winter day as I held my sweet daughter close to me-- her tight grasp on my shoulder--clinging so lovingly to me and giggling as the cool breeze blew through her hair. She, too, loves being outdoors.  I look forward to when she is a bit more steady on her feet so she can tromp around with her big brothers.

I so enjoyed seeing the twinkle in my husband's eye as we walked the property and talked about our plans.  He loves nature and spending time outdoors--it always seems to soothe his soul.

 photo land10_zps41fb007c.jpg

This trip did us all some good I think...taking a break from our normal, hectic routine and spending the New Year's holiday relaxing in the beautiful Hill Country was a welcomed respite.  I will always remember from our afternoon of knocking around on our land the endless laughter and smiles we shared...the in-depth discussions we had about birds, bugs, deer, rocks, trees and all other sorts of things the kids inevitably want to know more about while we're here.

I'm grateful for this lovely afternoon I was able to share with my family in this peaceful, quiet setting....  a perfect way to wrap up the busy holiday season and step back for a moment to breathe in the beauty of nature, feel of its peace and enjoy its beautiful views.

“Peace is always beautiful...” 

 ― Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass


  1. Absolutely beautiful pictures! I adore Hill Country. My uncle has a ranch in Tow, near Lake Buchanan that my son and I stayed at back in October with my dad. I hadn't been in years, and had forgotten how amazing that part of Texas is! Such beautiful scenery and animals that I never get to enjoy in Dallas! My son also loved searching for rocks and arrowheads around the old Native American campsites and the original settlers homestead area.

    I'm glad you had such a wonderful trip! I'm praying that someday baby boy does get to be a permanent addition to your family! :)

    Cathey with an E

    1. Thank you, Cathey! Your uncle's ranch sounds like a great place. My husband and I grew up in East Texas (which is a beautiful part of the state, too) but we have completely fallen in love with the Hill Country. :-)

      Thanks for stopping by today...



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