Friday, January 10, 2014

Popping fireworks

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Daddy and Noah had fun shopping for fireworks while we were in Boerne for the week of New Year's.  And as soon as we pulled out of the parking lot of the firework store, Noah was already begging for us to take him to our land and let him pop some fireworks. 

So we did....

and despite it being really cold outside---he had a blast!!

 photo IMG_9023_zps4d293909.jpg  photo IMG_9003_zps4329b57b.jpg  photo IMG_8996_zpsa9c7098e.jpg

Gosh, I love this kid so stink'in much and his zest for life...
He teaches me every day about the importance of savoring and enjoying every moment we have here in our earthly journey.
He giggled and laughed for over an hour as he and his Daddy popped all sorts of fun fireworks.

 photo IMG_9049_zps68c0e3fb.jpg  photo IMG_9053_zps901ebae1.jpg  photo IMG_9029_zps161e37a2.jpg  photo IMG_9056_zps184e2ca5.jpg  photo IMG_9058_zps65717f09.jpg  photo IMG_9086_zpsc2b91899.jpg
These two---happy as can be getting to spend this time together...

 photo IMG_9070_zps1115ec8d.jpg  photo IMG_9075_zps849b515a.jpg

And as for the little ones and myself...well---we were FREEZING--
so mama opted to enjoy the fireworks with them from the warmth of the suburban. ;-)

 photo IMG_9083_zpsb3a3d72f.jpg  photo IMG_9084_zpsb7be4f06.jpg  photo IMG_9094_zps0c4954d5.jpg  photo IMG_9096_zpsca27a297.jpg  photo IMG_9100_zps171ce1dd.jpg  photo IMG_9101_zps6fc7fbaa.jpg  photo IMG_9095_zps53d5f01e.jpg  photo IMG_9076_zps386a5fb8.jpg  photo IMG_9033_zps3166f6e9.jpg  photo IMG_9032_zps2d5ea8aa.jpg  photo IMG_8993_zps37060f07.jpg

A chilly, winter day we shared popping fireworks together...
fun times I hope we'll always cherish as we look back over these photos in the years to come.


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