Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year's holiday week...RV camping

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The day after Christmas, we packed the suburban up and headed to Boerne for a 5-day camping trip. Boerne is this great little town in the Texas Hill Country located just west of San Antonio.  We were so excited to make this trip and get out of town for a while--especially since Daddy had the week off-- it was so nice to have him all to ourselves.  Between his work as a busy trial lawyer by day and an even busier LDS Bishop in the evenings and on the weekends ---it's difficult to have quality time like this with him. 
Boerne is a 5-hour drive from where we live, so Noah was all excited on the entire drive up about getting to stay in the RV.  So excited in fact that he could barely sleep.  Thank goodness the babies napped during the drive up.  And while they napped, Noah asked what felt like a million questions about what we were going to do while there...where we were going to go, etc.  It was pretty cute (and, yes.. a little annoying at times since it was such a long drive--but we're so happy he loves RV'ing as much as we do!)  We made a list on the drive up of some of the things we wanted to do while there....

1. Go see our land in Boerne and check on the fence we're having built right now
2. Pop fireworks on our land
3. Eat at Cheesy Janes and get one of their famous milkshakes
4. Get together with our friends Nick and Ashley and their kiddos
5. Go to church in Boerne and check it out
6. Eat Mexican food at Chuy's
7. Walk the downtown area and drink hot chocolate
8.  Noah and Daddy practice shooting Noah's new bow and arrow out on our land
9.  Go to the snake farm
10. Eat custard at Freddy's
11. Watch movies in the RV and eat popcorn
12.  Pick up my new camera lens at Best Buy that Daddy bought mama for Christmas

We pretty much did everything on our list except visiting the snake farm...we plan on doing that when it's a little bit warmer on our next trip to the Hill Country.

What a fun trip we had while staying in the RV.  And I tell ya, we have absolutely fallen in love with this new RV we bought this past spring.  It's the perfect size for our family--the kids have their own bunk/play room area where they can hang out, play and watch movies.  And the hubby and I have the den area and separate bedroom area with tv to relax and hang out if we need a break from the kiddos. It also has washer and dryer in it which makes all the difference for our longer trips.  I know RV'ing isn't for everyone, but for us, it's the perfect fit--we love it and it's so much more comfortable and relaxing to stay for extended stays in our own little place than trying to stay in a hotel with three small (and often times) very loud, rambunctious kiddos. 

We did have a rather eventful (and somewhat comical) mishap though during one of our nights in the also happened to be the coldest night while there--dipped into the low 20s.  At about 1AM the propane tanks ran out--which essentially equates to NO HEAT in the RV.  And as you can imagine...trying to find propane at 1AM is pretty much not an option.  The RV park had tanks where we could refill, but unfortunately, they were only operational during the day.  So, the hubby--bless his heart---braved the freezing temperatures and threw on his warm clothes and drove into town to the 24-hour Wal-Mart to see if he could find a new tank.  Unfortunately, they didn't have the tanks that our RV required.  So he improvised---he returned  around 2AM with two newly purchased space heaters in hand.  By this time it was freezing in the RV so we set them up in the den area and the kids bunk room so they would stay warm.  Thankfully the kiddos never woke up and the heaters quickly warmed their room up.  The hubby and I just layered up real good in our sweaters and sweatpants and snuggled under the blankets until morning.  Early that next morning after the RV park opened up and the propane refuel area was open, the hubby headed over and refilled our tanks.  It was a welcomed gift to have the heat back on in the RV later that morning. :-)  But other than that---our camping trip was awesome and we had no other hiccups happen with the RV.

For this first post from our New Year's week camping trip, I thought I'd just start with some of the pics I took of us just hanging out in our RV.  I enjoyed playing around with my new camera lens while we were there (upgraded to the Sigma 24-70mm-F2.8 IF lens)...and oh my goodness---it totally rocks! :-)  Thank you my sweet hubby for my awesome Christmas present!  You may remember me posting how we accidentally broke my "kit" zoom lens almost 2 -years ago while we were on our Spring Break trip (dropped my camera bag while unloading our suitcases...and somehow my lens even though it was in the bag--was still crushed--ugh!), so I have been waiting and hoping for the right time to invest in a newer and better lens like this.  I was getting pretty frustrated just being able to shoot with my 50mm fixed lens--it can be limiting when you need to shoot the wide angle or zoom shots.  I'm in heaven now to be able to shoot with such a great zoom lens.  I still have much to learn though on how to use it---still need to play around with the settings--but that's all part of the fun in photography isn't it?

I'll try and post more pics later this week from the remainder of our camping trip---until then...I hope everyone is having a great Monday!



  1. Empty propane tanks are never fun during the night time hours. We ended up being stranded in our RV during this past ice storm. We realized after the first day of ice and running the heat so much we would be running out soon. We had to brave the icy roads only to realize that we were the only ones to have done so. We couldn't find any open refill stations within 10 miles. Luckily it lasted us for another day and the nearby station opened the following day. Wheww. A couple Christmas' ago while visiting family we did run out in the early evening. Small town with not 1 refill station at the time. We ended up leaving around 3am. We were wimps and couldn't make it.

    1. Hi Kelli...oh goodness--that sounds very similar to our experience--no fun at all. it's good to hear others have experienced the same camping nightmare as we did. :-) But it sure makes for some funny memories and stories down the road. Thanks so much for stopping by today and commenting.


  2. I have to tell you, we are living very similar lives in different states... I stumbled upon your Blog about a month ago, and I cant tell you how many times I have scratched my head while reading your Blog, thinking 'oh this is just weird'. I am an adoptive mama of three (through Foster Care). A little over a year ago we purchased a new 5th Wheel (very similar to yours, bunkhouse and all). We have owned the same strollers, the list goes on and on!!! Anyway, I love reading your Blog! If you get the chance pop over to mine...


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